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Discussion in 'Hi-Point Carbines' started by sniper11, Dec 4, 2010.

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    Somone posted earlier they wanted somebody to post pics of the new trigger, so I snapped a couple with my cell. of course they're not the best quality pics but they'll give ya a general idea what it looks like. I've not istalled it yet obviously, but with the instructions that come with it, it does'nt look real difficult.
  2. I have this trigger in my C9. I love it. Looks cool and has good feel.

  3. I wonder if I could send my C9 in to get an upgrade for this?
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    Is that the one with the spur on he bottom front? I can't really see it well?
  5. Yes you can, or you could call and ask for the part, and they will send it back.
  6. I thought only Bushman sold that trigger?
  7. The HP one is plastic, basically the same as the one you have now but they skeltonized it and put a "finger pad" on it. works ok in the pistols, but in the 995 IMHO it just frickin HURTS to shoot unless you smooth down the point on the bottom, it seems to dig in painfully just as the dang thing is about to fire!

    I'm still kinda working on making some of the aluminum ones, just have had too much going on lately, and wanted to make some Mosin front sight adjusting tools to get on ebay and maybe be able to do SOMETHING for the wife for Christmas. Still got a few days to go and a lot of watchers, but no sales on the sight pushers... have to wait and see.

    I made one out of 3/8" aluminum and milled the sides down to fit, it's a nice wide trigger but haven't tried fitting it into any of the HP's as of yet. Feels great, now if it will only fit, lol...