Upgrades to my Zastava N-PAP

Discussion in 'General Firearms Discussion' started by Visper, Mar 2, 2015.

  1. Visper

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    Well, the wife hasn't authorized any new purchases lately... Well since my VZ2008. Yeah its only been a month but I had an itch so I decided to add some stuff to my N-PAP.

    Technically not buying anything new right?

    Anyway added:

    Bushnell AR 1x MP 1X32mm Black Matte Red/Green T Dot reticle
    UTG side mount
    Blackhawk cheek pad

    Now I think I'm happy with it. I love the T Dot reticle, PSA has them on sale so I took a shot. We'll see how it holds up after a few trips to the range.

    Anyway Pics below.

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  2. talon

    talon the banned wagon

    For me, the cheekpad ruins the look and is,far from necesary, but you'll be happy with the optic. I used the same one for awhile on a tactical AK I built.

  3. Think1st

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    That NPAP is a nice looking rifle. Did you get it and the mount from Classic? I ordered the quick-release version from them for my Saiga and mounted a See All sight on it. Those mounts are certainly handy, and you can get a more solid base than what a top cover-mounted rail will give.
  4. undeRGRound

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    subbed for more pix ;)
  5. Visper

    Visper AK = Automatic Killer!?! Supporting Member

    While I agree the cheek pad isn't needed it does help give me somewhat of a weld for the sight, only reason I added it.

    As for the optic, so far so good. I love the fact its a T Dot, similar to the Russian Cobra sight.

    Think1st, yes I purchased the N-PAP from classic. I picked up the side mount on Amazon, it was a little cheaper than the one from classic (free shipping to boot) but it isn't a quick release.