UPLULA magazine loader + 995 = No No!

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  1. kipnita

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    FYI, Do not use an UPLULA on the 995 magazine.

    The "lip" on the UPLULA (the part that holds down the loaded ammo) is too wide and will "spread" the ears on the magazines causing misfeeds.

    The UPLULA is GREAT for my Glock magazines and is highly recommended for any double stacked mags (I'm giving one to my Dad for his birthday for utilization with his TEC-9!) but it is not recommended for use with the HP single stack.

    It does not appear that any permanent damage was caused and after a little tweaking I think my magazines are dialed in again.
  2. Mike_AZ

    Mike_AZ U.S.S. Member

    It works fine on my C9 mags.

  3. I have run into problems in my 995 mags where the rounds hand loaded work fine, but ones with the UpLULA all go nose down... Dunno why.
  4. bud

    bud Member

    No problem with my C9, but I have a problem with my JHP 45 jamming. Can't even shoot a complete Mag.
    Hand load 150 Rds no problems.
  5. I use the UpLULA on my C9 8rd and 995 mags with no problems. I do make sure the top rounds are seated nose high after loading with the UpLULA but I do the same when hand loading the mags too.
  6. Krippp

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    i bought my uplula about 6 months ago, used it on all my weapons, even the rentals at the range and it killed the mags on my c9 and the wifes 995. hand loading went fine after tweaking them a bit back to conformity. got so frustrated with the c9 that i ended up trading it, got tired of sending mags to beemiller or buying new ones, guess it was just "one of those guns". also have the promag 15 rnd'r for her 995 and it has been flawless, but the uplula works superbly with all my other guns which are doublestacks
  7. Rara

    Rara Member

    I use my UpLULA on my 995 mags, and monitor them very closely, and so far I've had no issues at all. If you fully squeeze the uplula before pushing down, the "blade" never touches the lips of the mag, and it never leaves the inserted round nose down.
  8. redbeard

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    Works fine on my 40 hp.
  9. Just returned from the gun show at the fairgrounds where I bought an UpLULA. All I can say is WOW! I have a C9 and CF380 and this little item will get a lot of use.

    Just tested it out when I got home and found that it lives up to the hype!
  10. eccvets

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    I just got an uplula and it works great for my C9. How wide are the lips on your mag? There are quite a bit of clearence for my C9's mags
  11. You could also grind a hair off of each side of the depressing blade to help the clearance!