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I was talking about it in the survival forum and finally came to a decision. My bass gear must go. To anyone who is interested in playing upright bass, this is a supreme package at a hell of a deal. I'm will to let it all go for $2850.

Pickup only please.

Bass $750 Englehardt EM1B
Endpin $75 Uprgraded, not sure what brand. heavy duty, this baby supports my 240lbs without a groan
Tailpiece $150 King chrome
Strings $125 Inno Super Silver
Gig Bag $200 ??? (ultra padded, wheels, backpack straps, very nice)
Bridge $80

Pickup $240 K&K Rockabilly +
Amp $630 Markbass Little Mark "Little Marco" + rack ears
Compressor $150 DBX 266xl
Tuner $80 Behringer BTR 2000
EQ $40 Nady dual 15 band eq
Cabinet $1400 Markbass CL 108
Rack $170 Road Runner six space
Total $4090

Prices will drop if I don't hear a response. So it's first come first served.

Pics below

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