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    New to this forum, not new to firearms. My father taught me how to shoot with his 686 S&W with full-house handloads. Been CCW in NYS for a few years, already on my second card. I love everything about Hi-Point. Stone simple, inexpensive, and you get a human being when you call support.

    Quick story:
    I recently purchased a $600+ handgun from a European company that has been operating for hundreds of years. A few months later I wanted to buy a very basic part - standard mag floorplates. At the same time I also wanted to order some more mags for my Hi-Point C9. Turns out nobody makes the floorplates for my European piece (including MOM, even though the pistol is still current production), so I emailed their support the same night I ordered my C9 mags... Had the HP mags loaded and in the safe days before the other guys even returned my email. Hundreds of years and many more dollars for a product does not necessarily equal a better consumer experience. Oh btw, the $600 wonder doesn't outperform the C9, nor my JCP.

    TL;DR - I'm a Hi-Point fanboy and not ashamed of it. Looking forward to picking some brains around here and learning a thing or two.
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    NE Utah
    Welcome to the group!

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    Welcome aboard!!! Always nice to add a new face to the asylum!!!
  4. Welcome from an old guy in Kentucky.
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    welcome.jpeg Welcome to the zoo. You bring treats? JHP, C 9 and CF 380 at one time or another.