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    I help steer my 80yr old Dad to a used 380 grey frame last week. It was his 1st Hi Point. A few hours after he picked it up, he called to say the gun was JUNK. He had taken it out back to test it out, FTE, FTF. It would not eject the used casing fast enough to chamber the new round.
    So after further review (discussions), He said he had taken it apart to clean it, before ever shooting it. He then said it was missing parts? He had went on line and found the HP schematic, and found several parts not on his gun, that were on the revised parts list. He was ready to throw in the towel. I gave him 2 newer magazines to try. He called the next day to say it did not work any better. But, he had called MoM and ordered his missing parts. BUT Mom, in ALL her maternal wisdom sent him a complete update parts kits. Recoil spring kit, firing pin kit, extractor kit. So, 2 days passed and the parts came in. I went up yesterday & replaced ALL of the updated parts. I took it out back and proceeded to empty 2 magazines in rapid fire succession. It ran like a brand new gun. I think I may have created another HP ADDICT? He is as happy as any HP owner CAN be!!!
    But I started wandering, how many other HP owners or FORMER HP owners have gone through this. How many would have watched a You tube video or checked out a HP blog and polished the feed ramp or TWEAKED the mag lips, but to NO avail? How many would have just sold off the old HP & swore they would NEVER buy another? Personally, I think it was the ejector, but MoM sent the other parts, so I installed them all because they were there. THANKS MoM!!!
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    That is why I tell people not to take the gun apart. You don't know if the gun is junk, or if you did something dumb.

    If you try it unmolested and it doesn't work, THEN you can start tearing stuff down.;)

    But even then, a basic understanding of how things work, what does what job, and some troubleshooting logic are very helpful. But seemingly pretty rare.

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    Ohhhh no......... If Mel's dad is collecting too, say goodbye to every used HP, fo'eva!
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    could be that your dad was 'limp-wristing' it? ;)
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    Why I have no problem buying these things online or sight unseen. 1 phone call = 1 new gun.
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    Shoot.... You guys have sent them non working heaps, and had them come through.
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    The fabulous HP Warranty, FTW!!!
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    I have another basket case coming in this week. It's going straight to MoM's from the FFL. He will call me in a few weeks when it returns.

    I can't wait to see my sons face when he opens the box on Christmas Eve!
  9. undeRGRound

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    That is one RUFF BuBBa CarBinE!

    Price was right, tho. if you exclude shipping...
    Not bad if MoM throws on the new TS stock for free!
  10. Bull

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    One of these days, he's just gonna send em in a serial number on a corroded, broken slide, and get another brand new gun.
  11. MachoMelvin

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    I don't want the TS stock, but a completely re-furbished 995 Classic would be like Santa Claus to me though???

    I have a 995TS for my middle son coming this week also. I am working on a deal for a 4095 Camo Classic for my oldest son.
    Now I wonder if my wife would like a HP for Christmas, then my shopping would be?
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    I'd like to see your FFL dealer's face. :D
  13. I must say I've only had to use mom 4 times so far, which is crazy considering how many HPs I have. Everything has been flawless with their service and work!
  14. undeRGRound

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    SN is on the frame, Boooooollll :p

  15. MachoMelvin

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    There are 3 gray frames on GB right now if anybody is looking!