Used/abused Carbine Stock Wanted

Discussion in 'Wanted' started by mudrock, Jan 6, 2016.

  1. Looking for a cheap used late model black 9mm carbine stock, with some damage to butt portion ( thus lower price). Receiver forward needs to be good, For a project idea.

    This is also my very first post here. HELLO! I'm an industrious person & stay happy building things. I succeed enough to keep it fun.

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    IDK if anyone has a "damaged" TS stock, but I've seen some go for
    cheap if the owner has converted to ATI or Classic stock... it is $40
    from HP so you might get lucky for $20-25 plus shipping. I got a
    really great deal on a Classic stock, $20 shipped and an even better
    deal on an ATI, free and hand delivered by my Big Bro :D
    Good Luck, and I hope you post PIX!!! We love the new ideas, and
    have an entire thread devoted to that...


  3. Is there an Email address they answer @ Hi-Point? Letters can be better at explaining sometimes than phone calls to overloaded customer service folks.
  4. STOCK FOUND. Also purchased an Aluminum front rail, & VZ 58 folding stock is on the way, & a few other components. I'm going to keep it pretty simple, & probably cut the stock for the folder, to the rear of the 2 bolts holding stock together. Going with a compact low rear sight - will need to match front sight to it.
    Only add on accessory is Green Laser on new rail under barrel, & remote switch integrated into angled fore grip.
    I will begin work on it when everything is here, It will probably take a month of spare time. I will post pix when completed.