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  1. Came across a used 995 and when I say used I mean pretty beat up, the back sight looked as if it had been ripped off, the screws were all jacked and what not, mag is not releasing as smooth...the remainder of the gun seems fine, although I'm not sure if the gun stays locked back on an empty mag. like the pistols do. Little rust where the screws are located throughout the stock...but I can get it for 100$ pre-tax
    Does that sound like a deal, I know that the warr. from HP is exceptional...but I just don't know :(
  2. Bargain down to 75 and call it good. Then send it off to HP.

  3. It was originally 150$ and after I pointed everything that was wrong and gave him the :? you must be kidding look he went to 100$
  4. GlockMan

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    $150.00 is new price, $85.00 and not a cent more.
  5. If you buy it and send it in you will have a NEW 995 for $100.

    There is no lock back on the 995.
  6. FYI the 995 carbine does not lock back on last round like the 9mm pistol does.

    I have read that future ones somewhere down the line will, but the current ones will not be able to be retrofitted with this feature.
  7. If you can get it for $85 bucks like Gman suggested, buy it, it's worth every penny. Then just send it off to Hi-Point and you'll be brand spankin' new in a few days.
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    I don't understand why people can't take care of there guns. Pick it up and treat it well.
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    For a $100.00 I would buy it. Send it back to HP and let them fix it and it will be good as new. Of course if you could get the price down a little more, so much the better!
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    It might depend on where you live.If your like hermanek and live in poland Id say shipping it to Ohio might be bit steep. :D
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    If it operates well who cares what it looks like. And as the others have said, you can always send it to Ohio.
  12. This deal sucks -- run like hell. Oh, and give me the seller's contact info so that I can, uh, properly chastise him. Yeah, that's the ticket.
  13. I would try to get the price down a bit. You can always send it in as others have said. If the metal finish is bad you can sand and spray on some of that hi-temp engine paint and bake it in the oven to make it even tougher.