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Discussion in 'Lounge' started by vallen, Oct 29, 2007.

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    Ok, this is a Halloween-esque topic.
    My wife does not like me eyeballing "Used/Classic/Collectable/Old" guns because they might have killed someone, or otherwise been in the presence of an unfortunate event, therefore harboring some sort of bad Mojo.

    This has some ringings from the Sarah Winchester story, but maybe has some merit? I'm a skeptic, but she's more 'spirit oriented' than I am. Saying certain worldly 'things' have a soul.

    Anyone seen "Christine" lately? Right now I just have the MN M44 that was inherited, as my only firearm that has an unknown history....

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    Yeah, it MIGHT have have been used to kill somebody... It might also have prevented a murder, or rape... And so what if the gun was used? Does she really think that the gun is haunted or something?

    Hell, think of how many people die in old houses all the time. Maybe somebody died in that used car you bought? Maybe someone was killed in a factory accident near that couch you might buy...

    Sounds kinda silly to me... But what do I know? :?

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    exactly my sentiments.

    She's particularly creeped out by old eastern bloc/ 3rd world weapons.
    I've already sold a civil war Cavalry sword she thought was possessed.
    No real issues with modern weapons. Mainly those that have endured some sort of long term suffering. My MN is on her list.
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    Just tell her that they are reproduction models.
  5. If this has gone as far as her suspecting inanimate objects of harbouring intellect (being "possessed") you might just want to stick with NIB factory guns, as there isn't too much logical ground that's going to argue someone back from that point.

    Of course if you follow this logically, everything and anything you own might be possessed. After all, if anyone was killed during the extraction of the raw materials, manufacturing or shipping process of anything you own, by the same lights that just might retain a portion of their insubstantial conciousness.....

    Also, are you the first people to own your house? Wanna guess how many people have died there?
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    Well I think it is fair to say My 303 enfield killed a few people and if it were POSSESED I would again say it is fair to believe that the possesing SOUL would be a young brit fighting for freedom and rights of humanity.

    A true earthly hero. One that IF POSSESED would be the best friend defending your home against an intruder or BG to fight for you and your families life.

    My .02

    But then again I never seen a solier in parrel that was not or did not become very close to god very quickly.
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    Hmm So what does this say about a leftist commie gun that was carried by one who was fighting for Mao/Tzar X?
    I'll ask her if she feels better about a 'freedom fighting' gun...
  8. Thayldt21

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    Well I would go with the freedom fighter gun also.

    notice I said nothing about my sks. it would have done no good to bring it up. lol

    But many russianpieces of hardware were used buy countries fighting for freedom.

    look at darfur, and well vietnam. south vietnamese used the russian stuff too.

    good luck bro.
  9. Interesting thread.

    I enjoy collecting old milsurplus weapons just because of the fact that they might have been used in anger.

    My mosin was made in 1939, definite possible use in WW2. My Yugo underfolder was a definite relic of the Yugo civil war in the 90's. My Yugo had some minor carvings on the stock from a soldier and there was an actual bullet ding on the barrel. It looks like someone shot at it and hit the barrel with a bullet, a BIG dent on it.

    I replaced the barrel but kept the old one.

    So I find it fascinating that an old weapon just might have been used in anger in some war. Especially if they were from the "other side" so to speak.
  10. No, my M44 isn't haunted!.....Not at all!......*whimper* :shock:
  11. All of mine must be possessed -- how else can you explain the spirit that nudges my elbow every time I pull a trigger?
  12. I hate to say this because you guys will think im nuts, but I wonder about my milsurps as to if and how many people they have killed, and one of my MN,s bit the heck out of me the first time I shot it.

    I usually shoot left handed but was shooting right handed because of an injury to my left arm.

    I cycled the bolt and my pinkie was in just the right spot that the very top of the bolt got it and cut a chunk off of the tip of my pinkie finger and blood was going everywhere.

    I got some duct tape out and wrapped it and it was still bleeding when I got home

    First time in my life anything like that has happened. I will admitt I wondered if there was some Mojo in that rifle :shock:
  13. That's just silly. If anyone says that an inanimate object is "possessed" or "haunted" pick the thing up and hit them with it. At least then you'll know for a fact that's it's hurt someone, who cares if it's killed someone?
  14. Primal you need to watch more horror movies then you will know how it works :wink:
  15. I HATE horror movies. If you're gonna see blood, guts and death, at least make it about a battle fought years ago for freedom or revenge against a tyrannical dictator or something interesting. This world has enough fear in it as it is, why make movies about being afraid for no good reason?

    Oh, and that bump in the night is just the door of my gun safe hitting the wall as I grab my 1911 and my Mossberg 835, don't worry about it, it'll go away soon.
  16. I posted earlier in a degree of jocularity, but thought that I'd add more sober comments.

    First, no, I don't believe that the spirits of the departed cling to guns, homes, graves, or any other physical locale. That said, in addition to an interest in firearms, I have a longstanding devotion to genealogy and, in particular, to cemetery preservation and documentation. I've spent countless hours photographing, scribbling, restoring, surveying, and -- yes -- even sleeping in cemeteries.

    My feelings have alternated between feeling that no-one is there, to, on the other hand, that there are benevolent presences who appreciate my interest in preserving the details of their otherwise forgotten lives.

    The same, I think, can be said for these arms: while I don't really believe that any past owners cling to them, I appreciate their (imaginary) presence. Regardless of background bloc, east or west, the common soldiers on both sides were common men, thrown into extraordinarily difficult conditions through no choice of their own, and they all, on all sides, did their duty as they were led to believe it to be.

    I leave it to the higher ranks of their respective governments to bear the sins of the regimes that they represented; the common men, whose perportive spirits cling to these arms, were all heroes, and I welcome any who choose to stand over my shoulder.
  17. The exact reason I like old war rifles.
  18. Thought about it for a minute, and I think it's best to have a weapon that has killed someone. Why you ask? Because that means that not only is it accurate, but it functions and does it's job properly. Whether that job was good or bad really only depends on which end of the bang tube you were on right?
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    Just get an American, Russian, British WWII rifle. Then if it did kill someone, it did so to stop the Nazi/Japanese/Italian aggression and was a force for good in the world. Who knows maybe it was used to free people from Death Camps. That would be Good MoJo...

    Thats how I like to think of my 1903A3 anyway...
  20. Thayldt21

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    Taurus Said:

    "Whether that job was good or bad really only depends on which end of the bang tube you were on right?"

    Good Point!