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    Since Union Cutlery, the forbear to Ka-Bar, was substitute standard, they quit making knives for the military upon cessation of hostilities. Pretty sure Korea was the last time a fighting knife was routinely issued. They were not issued during my active time in the Corps, from the mid 70’s to the mid 80’s. My MOS, as support, called for me to be issued the 1911. One of the ones that were traditionally issued a knife. We did not get a knife. We could ask and generally get one. But by that time they had quit issuing knives. The bayonet was issued to the MOS that called for a rifle to be issued.

    I did ask and was told that the only knife issued to Marines today was the 3s bayonet. Did a Google search because I had never heard of it. It looks remarkably like the Ka-Bar Fighting/Utility knife. Tradition loves on!

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    @greg_r , we're dancing in circles with the same facts. :rotfl:Halfway through Korea was when the original order of knives ran out, Union lost its license from Camillus, reformed as Ka-Bar and then started making them for the civilian market without the EGA in the sheath. Scuttlebutt being what it is though...

    Ka-Bar claims they (Union) submitted the winning design for the 1219C2, Camillus claims they did and Camillus did get the very first contract to produce them. Plus Camillus has also produced the most "Ka-Bars" out of any manufacturer.

    Although the plastic sheathed, rubber grip ka-bar is considered standard issue for both the Navy and Army, although I've never seen one in the field that wasn't bought.

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    You have to watch it now days alot of the civilian Ka Bars blades are made in China
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    Funny thing is I picked up the same knife!!! Got it on a black Friday sale Thanksgiving night. Came with a "free" 2nd knife, a SOA NIGHT RANGER FIXED BLADE KNIFE WITH SHEATH.

    The main reason I ordered was they also had Tula 223 in stock @ .64 a round, best price out there, so I picked up 260 rounds to replace what I shot over the last few backyard range trips and some.

    Get it this week, we'll see how it compares to my older Ka-Bar.

    Edit: Really should stop buying myself Christmas gifts while I'm shopping for others... but I know no one will buy the fun stuff from my list and get me underwear and T-Shirts...
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    Not hardly.

    Camillus, is in Camillus, NY.
    Ontario knives are made in Franklinville, NY.
    Ka-Bar/Cutco knives are manufactured in Olean, NY.

    I know they still make their own or use American steel because my truck driving ex-FIL delivers it to them.
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    Yeap you can get either a made in USA or made in China i have both only because Blades HQ messed up and sent me the wrong one cause i requested the USA made ones
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    The only knife I was issued was a bayonet for my rifle, but it was no Ka-Bar.