USPS is Terrible

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by Oaktree45, May 19, 2020.

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    Using EBay I ordered an item on May 12th with guaranteed delivery by May 16th. My package seems to be on a road trip through the Midwest courtesy of the USPS. I live just south of St. Louis, MO and obviously it won't be delivered tomorrow either. I'm hoping it doesn't have to go to California before it finally gets here. Time for a new Postmaster General I think.

  2. Rachgier

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    They all suck ass. FedEx dropped this gem off yesterday.

  3. OldOutlaw

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    Just remember, your ebay sellers are the ones telling you what the delivery date is. I have the same problem with a few of those guys. The ebay guaranteed delivery thing is mostly bogus in all reality.
  4. Recently it took an item I shipped about seven days to get from Utah to Iowa using United States Postal Service.
  5. SWAGA

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    Air shipping prices increased 2-5 fold over the last month.
    All this circle shipping may be an effort to keep it on trucks rather then air cargo.
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  6. undeRGRound

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    Remember the carbine stock I bought from you? 2 weeks plus from Utah to Indiana,
    and Via Maryland??? All USPS BS...
  7. Order some worthless crap from china and I bet it will be at your door just like that, lickety split. Subsidized with pride by the USPS.
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  8. FlashBang

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    I ordered an ARMA15 mount for the vehicle, shipped on May 6th from Fort Washington in Pa., went to the Philly USPS Distribution Center and never made it past there. USPS now says it is lost and they have no idea where it is. Incompetence of their magnitude is an art form.
  9. histed

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    Lost in a Communist stronghold??? HUMMMMM???? Guess someone needed it worse than you
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  10. Dubar

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    Only thing they seem to deliver in a timely manner is junk mail (money in the bank for them). Locally they're fine, it's the interface between them, UPS, Fedex, Ebay, and Amazon that needs fixing. Maybe they need a Joint Chiefs of Staff like the military has to get things running smoothly? Although, that don't work so hot either. Oh wait, isn't that what the Postmaster General is for???
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  11. I am so spoiled by the 2 day shipping I get/got from Amazon. I get upset when things take another day or two now and sometimes it just sits in the main post office for another day until it goes out for delivery. I remember ordering crap in the "old days" and being told that it would take 2 to 4 WEEKS before I received it. That was the norm back then.
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  12. I recently ordered an item from Amazon, paid extra for OVERNITE shipping. A week later it showed up. I'm not wasting my money on 1 day shipping anymore
  13. OldOutlaw

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    I am hearing Amazon is doing a lot of that lately. Also, their Prime is not so Prime anymore.
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  14. moona11

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    It's not. Supposedly medical and safety items take top priority. But the masks I've ordered as in stock are listed as coming in July. Thats a little late
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    Just had that happen to me. I ordered the filters to put inside our masks. Oh yea! In Stock my ass. They got here yesterday, 3 1/2 weeks late. They came in a Prime Envelope Mailer.. However, the label was for USPS First Class Mail.

    Amazon screwed up bad, really bad by trying to start up their own Delivery Service for Prime. Planes and all. Well, it appears Fedex, UPS, and USPS kinda took that personal. To the point that Fedex and Amazon parted ways on all home deliveries on Jan. 1, 2020.
  16. moona11

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    We ordered a new mattress and a mattress pad last week. Figured it would be awhile before we got it. Last night we finally got shipping information that it shipped. The mattress was here this morning. The pad shows it's still in CA at FedEx. Hopefully it gets here soon.
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  17. ajole

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    NE Utah
    Have to love the way that UPS or FedEx drops things at the post office.
    Our post office doesn't deliver except on a few routes out in the sticks. It's mail boxes, at the Post Office.

    So you get the notice that something will be delivered today. And you get to the post office after closing time, and you either get a key to a locker where your box is, or you get a yellow slip telling you to pick it up at the desk....which is closed. No joy for you until tomorrow.
    And a few months back, I had the key, but the locker it opened was empty. Some employee either took it out the back, or they missed the hole and put it in the locker adjoining mine. I'm betting on the latter. Either way, they didn't do squat about it. Primary Arms stepped up and sent the part again at no cost to me; I hope they got paid by the USPS for it.
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  18. moona11

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    Ours is open 24hrs but the desk is closed after hrs. We go to the back door ring the bell and they bring you the package. Most people don't know that. It's the same with UPS. Go to their warehouse and they will give you the package. FedEx doesn't have a shop here. You miss them they will drive that package 100 each way till you wait for them. If have the choice FedEx doesn't get my business.
  19. wganz

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    Got some tax documents that had to be overnighted out to my mom. Paid $28 & change for this privilege. Got to Shreveport that following AM and was logged out 0710. It is a 35 minute drive north to my home town. Called the USPS Denver office and opened a complaint that it was MIA. It finally was available for her pickup on Friday AM. Called Denver back when I got off werk the following Monday, gave them the complaint #, and demanded that I be refunded anything over regular delivery. Got $27 check back from them.
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  20. Oaktree45

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    OP here. My package finally arrived today. The business I ordered this item from is located just 283 miles from my house. The package traveled 838 miles to get here. Due to the COVID virus the package has been to more places than I have.
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