USPS is Terrible

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by Oaktree45, May 19, 2020.

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    I posted about the same once or perhaps twice above in this thread about UPS. Same message. Then nothing for a few days. Then it was on the way again. Luckily, I got my ammo shipments, but days late. They had sent one back East as far as Indianapolis and it got "lost" again there before it got back here. Now, another one got lost near Chicago and ended up back East not far from Target Sports.

    Target Sports helped me on this situation. I sent them an email with links to both UPS shipments and travel history. Next day, UPS had found and got the closest one to me two more days later. The last shipment? Well, it got to me the next day. UPS upgraded to NDA it would seem.

    Since then, an AR 15 upper coming here was incorrectly sorted. Got it 3 days late from their promised delivery date. UPS seems to have some real problems right now.
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    My BCG will be here Friday. DTT took the entire 5 business days to actually ship it. So actually in USPS hands Monday afternoon, left Park City, UT this morning at 6am.

  3. The local UPS store seems to have an agenda. They always ask what we're shipping. Today, the spousal unit told them "paperwork that's none of your business". I avoid USPS and UPS. That doesn't leave any good options really.
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    Update sez This Thursday, but the needle hasn't moved off Paduca KY as of yet.

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    None! I just heard yesterday #1 is returning from CA.

    My great aunt told me only marry a Texas girl. I forgot that promise. :lol:
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  6. Post office pretty quick here so far for USPS deliveries. For FEDEX.... well. Interesting bit. Have a package at a Fedex facility 20 miles away that has the status of "package not due for delivery" :rolleyes: expected delivery date is Tues Oct 13th.

    On the other hand, I'm expecting a packagw today via USPS that was handed off to USPS from DHL global mail coming from the United Kingdom, and it was expected between the 8th of October and 22nd of October... considering its coming from the UK, I'm somewhat impressed at how fast it took.
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    I've got things from the UK a lot quicker than I expected too, usually within 10 days. Ordered some parts from Australia the other day and the guy I ordered from said the airlines are slow getting mail out, gonna take 2-3 weeks before it ships. But he makes some good (electronic) products so I can wait.
  8. Certainly was faster than the mail from Hudson 4 Supplies in Canada to Oregon :rolleyes: