USPS is Terrible

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by Oaktree45, May 19, 2020.

  1. MaryB

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    And my circuit breaker is back in the Chitcago distribution center again...
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    TNTRAILERTRASH Supporting Member

    Ordered some stuff from Primary Arms. Shipping advisory: "Please be advised we do not recommend the use of USPS – US Postal Service has been experiencing significant delivery issues and we do not recommend you use them at this time. If you do use them, please expect delays and lack of accurate tracking. If we supply you a tracking number the product has shipped and is on its way even if the USPS system says they do not have it."

    I ordered a 511 belt from amazon. It was miss labeled. I returned it. New one was shipped the next day. That was a week ago. USPS "never got it."
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  3. MaryB

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    Well my circuit breaker that shipped the 2nd finally left Chitcago and is now in St. Paul... wonder how brown it is going to be when it finally arrives?
  4. I keep watching this thread to see if anyone is going to say anything good about USPS. With one exception, my local postmen have been very friendly and just doing what they can. One "postwoman" (no I'm not a sexist) just simply doesn't care and does as little as possible as late as possible. We need some entity to deliver the mail that can do it professionally. When was the last time the USPS even broke even? For some reason this thread reminds me of Amtrack. Neither can make money to save their lives. UPS wrote the book on rudeness. Ever sent a package through one of their "customer service centers"? They should be renamed to "customer abuse centers". I think I'll go for a ride.
  5. moona11

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    My mailman is a idiot. My UPS guy is awesome. FedEx is hit or miss. The mailman can't for the life of them delivery to the right house.
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  6. USPS has been pretty decent here for the most part if Priority shipping, but if "first class".. well its hit or miss. Fed Ex takes the longest, UPS has been OK but just as long.
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  7. undeRGRound

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    Good thing I overspent on the shipping via USPS,
    it actually arrived pretty much on time? :eek:
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  8. Yeah it did.
  9. Zorba

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    USPS here is fantastic, its what the gorillas do to packages during shipment that gets my goat. Yea, they've mis delivered a couple of times, but fixed it the next day - which is more than I can say for the usually reliable UPS.
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  10. Dubar

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    I think all the "systems" work, when the workers do their job. Having worked in Uncle Sam's Civil Service and out in the private sector, I have seen both ends of the spectrum in both places. I know I would not want to be a business owner or a supervisor. I mean, if you're going to go to all the trouble to get out of bed in the morning and come to work at least do your job.

    I trust USPS more than the others, for one thing I find them easier to get hold of if I have a problem. With the others you don't know who you're talking to or even what part of the planet they're sitting on when you call.

    I've had good luck with them all the past month, now with Christmas approaching we'll see how they manage. A buddy of mine who's from Nebraska (currently living in VA) said he talked to his cousin the other day and she said most of their mailmen have been out with the virus. He plans on moving back next year and is worried about any issues he'll run into with moving his stuff and driving there.
  11. Zorba

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    Here's an odd one. Our regular mail lady will bring large packages to the porch, and leave them with the rest of the mail. Apparently, none of the substitutes do that. They'll bring the package to the porch, but put the letters in the (curbside) mailbox! WTF? I'm kinda puzzled over that one...
  12. MaryB

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    USS recently changed their policies for rural mail carriers. The only reason they are supposed to get out of the car is deliver a package. If caught putting mail on the porch they can lose their route... I asked him why he quit putting my letters with packages and that is what he told me.
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  13. SDProf

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    Well, USPS upset me today. I got a piece of mail back, with a "incomplete address, not forwardable' sticker on it. I double checked with the addressee and the address on the envelope is correct.

    Gonna have a strong conversation with the postmaster tomorrow - they're resending it on their dime!
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  14. Well, I had my first bad experience with USPS yesterday. End of it is they are no longer required to come to your door for deliveries. Not even Signature Required.

    Which means, I got a form in the mailbox that my sig req delivery was not delivered and I needed to request redelivery on the web, phone or app.

    Only none of those methods actually work. I tried six browsers and all had different problems that prevented the form from being accepted. Then their stupid automated phone system keep failing out. And their QR code app also doesn’t work.

    What ticked me off is the live person I talked to at the depot failed to tell me the new “door visit” not required policy because of the pandemic.

    And even though the form says I can’t just sign for the driver to leave the package in my mailbox, that’s what she told me to do and give it to her.

    Hopefully it’ll be delivered tomorrow.
  15. MaryB

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    I was in the bathroom when FedEx beats on the door. Then I hear a loud crash into the door and the truck leaves... they THREW a 70 pound box into the door, cracked the door frame at the bottom hinge, broke the box open on both ends... FedEx got a call, they are sending out the local supervisor and are going to pay to replace the door... supposedly... betting I have to clamp and glue to get through winter then replace it next year. Dented the door too... It still opens but lots of creaking and popping noises...
  16. ajole

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    NE Utah
    If THEY are paying for it, you don’t “get through the winter” with a band aid repair. You call a contractor and get it done right and now, and let them pick up the bill.
  17. Rachgier

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    Exactly. I would have the contractor standing there to do the estimate on front of the supervisor and hand them a copy of it, along with a start date.
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  18. magnut

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    They have reached all new lows this year. Many days they just dont deliver anything on our route. There have been a bunch of times where I asked my today some sort of Holiday? I guess they work our route when they feel like it.
  19. OldOutlaw

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    USPS, UPS, and FedEx are all crap right now.
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  20. Dubar

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    But I still get a pant load of junk mail, delivered right to my mailbox, I just hope they keep delivering my bills (only so I'm not delinquent, not because I like sending them $$$).
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