USPS is Terrible

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by Oaktree45, May 19, 2020.

  1. Rachgier

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    Found all your missing FedEx crap. About 30 or 40 cars of FedEx containers and trailers mixed in with JB Hunt containers.
  2. Got my firearm magazines that ordered yesterday finally. Now I can carry twenty-one rounds of .45 Auto with only two magazines with concealed carry. It only took a mere fifteen days to get to me from its point of origin about 1,300 miles away in Iowa.

  3. imuglytoo

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    How bad did you get burned on "shipping and handling"?
  4. Been a week since my package arrived at Kearny NJ distribution center and it's still there.

    If anyone has a package go through there, I wish ya good luck.
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  5. fatal-bert33

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    My wife ordered a package from New York for delivery to Missouri. It left New York on June 14th. Its been to Kansas City twice, Montgomery Alabama 4 times, Elba Alabama 3 times and is there again today. I have filed two claims with the post office and spoken with a local postal supervisor 3 times. Its getting harder and harder to be polite with my local postal supervisor who keeps assuring me it is going to be delivered soon.
  6. Rachgier

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    I ordered something on Tuesday afternoon that shipped from Salt Lake, flew to Kentucky, then flew to Denver, and was just dropped at my front door.
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  7. papadan

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    I ordered a drum mag for my 1911 yesterday. FedEx says it will be here Monday....but....The local FedEx office does not deliver residential on Mondays.

    TNTRAILERTRASH Supporting Member

    really? I get Saturday in Hickville.
  9. I ordered some magazines from Natchez near Chattanooga 3 weeks ago. They were finally sent this past Monday via Fed Ex. Went from Chattanooga to near Louisville in 2 days. (Louisville is 120 miles from my house). Then, still Fed Ex, traveled to Indianapolis and handed over to USPS. I guess they took the scenic route. Maybe I'll get my magazines next week, hopefully.
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  10. So, I ordered some stuff off Rockywoods site, and they shipped from Colorado.... my package is currently in Nebraska. :rolleyes: last I recall, Oregon is closer going West than East :rolleyes:

    Eh. It could be worse. It could be going South to a location before flying North in California :rolleyes:
  11. ajole

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    NE Utah
    Sometimes it works that way. Once I had to fly to LAX in order to get to Calgary on time to get to Germany, because the easy flight from Las Vegas was full.

    Amazon seems to be running about a week around here, mostly UPS, but USPS is still all over the map.
  12. CowboyBob

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    Wife ordered my daughters contacts about two weeks ago. Coming here from Ohio. She tracked them til they hit Bethlehem PA . That facility is all of 4 miles from here....they arrived last Thursday. We have tried to call, cant stop as the office is closed to now we wait!
  13. Fedex. I ordered 2 yards of Camo Green 500D fabric from a different seller on the 3rd, and they shipped it by Fedex.. it arrived yesterday. All my other Ebay, Rockywoods and the Primary Arms orders are still "in transit" with estimated arrivals from Friday the 7th to Monday the 10th, although one order of 1000D Dark Green CG483 seconds is supposed to arrive today.

    TNTRAILERTRASH Supporting Member

    If you order something and can't be home around here FedEx will send it at your choice to Walgreens, or Dollar General. When it arrives at DG it falls off the tracing system's locator. I was pissed as hell called FE and asked where the fuck my stuff was. They had no idea. Turns out it was at DG near me and was actually delivered on the day they said it would. You can follow it until it gets on the truck, then the tracking ends.

    Nothing like picking up a case of x39 with all the DG crackhead customers with their jaws on the floor. 1st time I had it sent to the DG down the street. I had to sign and show ID. Not at the one further up the road last week. They just handed it to me and off I went. Yes, I had my favorite Glock OWB under my shirt when I went out the door. And made sure I wasn't followed.

    I very much prefer UPS.
  15. Got all my Ebay and Rockywoods items faster than usual... but UPS is taking its sweet time..... from PSA :rolleyes: tracking still says "departed UPS Facility in Hodgkins, IL" since the 7th of August, and its supposed arrival is tomorrow Weds the 12th :rolleyes: wonder if that means a lone UPS tractor trailer Driver has been driving a load of packages across the Midwest :rolleyes:
  16. OldOutlaw

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    Know what you mean. UPS has emailed me today of 4 shipments to us that are now about 3-4 days later delivery than promised.

    Kinda wonder if the storm that went across here along I-80 got some of their trucks turned over. Trucks and cars got rolled over across a wide area of Iowa yesterday. Winds were 90 to 112 mph for about 2 1/2 hours. Freak straight line storm. Midwest Hurricane.
  17. Pistolkitty

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    I have been pretty lucky lately with my shipping stuff, but it has primarily been Amazon prime.
    Bought a new compound bow and that shipped in a week. Random other sundries, around 2-3 days. Ordered my man 2 pairs of sunglasses yesterday at 6am, 1 pair came today, the other due tomorrow. Bought Loren Culp's book "American Cop" yesterday, due tomorrow. Hes the sherrif of Republic, WA, located in Ferry County, and currently the republican frontrunner in the gubernatorial race against our current fucktard liberal Jay 'tax em again' Inslee. My god i hope Culp wins this November. This state going to the shitter. Off grid in middle of nowhere Idaho is sounding better and better by the minute.
  18. My daughter’s pet meds were supposed to be delivered on 8/8. USPS shows they have been on the truck since 8/7. We still haven’t received them. USPS says “well they’re on the truck for delivery, we can’t help beyond that”.

    We have one vehicle that delivers to us. We have one driver and she’s pulled up to our mailbox every day since 8/1 (I have it on camera). No meds. She has even said, “nope I don’t have anything but letters”.

    But get this. Half the mail USPS gives us isn’t our mail. It’s either for people who lived here FOURTEEN years ago (not junk mail) or multiple people who live on a couple streets nearby. Numbers and street names aren’t even close. WTF, how do you confuse 213 with 9755 (numbers changed to protect my innocence)?

    What’s conversely weird, for over four years, our mail has never been given to someone else.

    Shit... jinxies.
  19. moona11

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    Mailman can be retarded. Our block has a alley with the houses behind us face our back yards. And their backyards are the river. Their house have the same address as ours but with a A to signify it's a Alley address. Our mail gets messed up all the time. By UPS, FED EX, USPS THE POLICE. it's a loosing battle. The postal service want the address changed but the city will not.
  20. Dubar

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    I ordered some 10/22 mags and a mag for the CZ527 August 1st. Grab-A-Gun website sez it's "Processing" since then. Yesterday I called them, lady sez "Due to the virus we're running 2 weeks behind" (their website sez 3-7 working days), of course that didn't hold true for the 10/22 International I bought a couple of weeks ago. So later yesterday afternoon I get an email from them with a USPS tracking number...I believe a miracle just happened, these mags just all of a sudden appeared out of nowhere.

    Now for the USPS waiting game, around here they're pretty good, but getting to the main hub here from the sender seems to be s-l-o-w.
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