USPS is Terrible

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  1. Zorba

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    USPS=United States Package Smashers
    UPS=United Package Smashers
    I don't know what FedEx stands for, but they managed to break a VCR I had shipped - DOUBLE BOXED!
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    Well, well! UPS did it to me once again. On 8/27 they lost a 1000rds of ammo coming to me. Took them 4 days to find it and send back here.

    I have or perhaps had, a BCA Upper due to be delivered today. But, when it reached a terminal not far from here, they sent it back East to Indianapolis where it had just came from. Now, their update says.

    "A mechanical failure has delayed delivery. We're adjusting plans to deliver your package as quickly as possible."

    Now, no delivery today and don't know when it may get here. If it even does. UPS is a freaking joke nowadays. They are now at the bottom of my list for efficiency!!!!!!!!!!!! Bastards.


    TNTRAILERTRASH Supporting Member

    UPS, FedEx, and others are experiencing lots of theft. If it comes from PSA, BCA, PA etc they are stealing the guns, and ammo. They are all overwhelmed.

    Perhaps they are hoping you won't raise hell with them about missing stuff? You ammo comes through where? Illinois? Lots of theft there. Possibility of drivers taking pictures of your address label for future reference for a break in and supplying your info to the anti-fuZZ for cash.
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  4. gonna need verifiable sources on this.

    again, need verifiable sources and citations that reports this is indeed happening.
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    TNTRAILERTRASH Supporting Member

    Go dig for it. There is stuff out there.

    This link will be deleted very soon. You have 10 minutes and it goes away.

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    TNTRAILERTRASH Supporting Member

    Camo, Memphis has had thefts, so has Illinois. You are good at finding the peas in the nutshells.
  7. I'm still waiting for one package that apparently spent 3 days at the USPS Distribution Center in Knoxville, TN, after ordering the item on the 4th of September :rolleyes: whereas I am also getting an USPS package today after ordering the item on the 8th of September :rolleyes:

    Of the 5 items I ordered on the 4th, I got 3 packages on Tuesday, and I got 1 package yesterday after ordering the item on the 7th of September.. one of the 2 remaining packages is coming via UPS and should arrive either tonight or tomorrow
  8. OldOutlaw

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    Well, my BCA upper is still not here today. Four freaking days after UPS had it out for delivery originally. Then excuses. I keep watching their "Follow My Delivery" page.
    It showed their truck within about 3/4 mile up the road from me. Then, about 7:30 at night, it returns to their terminal and I get this crap from them!!!
    "Delivery will be delayed by one business day."
    I really wonder now if they did find this upper package or not. Again, right now it shows it out for delivery. Guess I can only wait again.

    They also show two ammo shipments on the truck also. I'm not counting on that being here today either. We shall see.

    UPS is on my shit list big time.
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  9. No doubt you're right and I'm just lucky. I ordered a LOT of buckshot recently and all of it has arrived by UPS. Maybe they think I'm armed or.....they'll be back uninvited. Such a complicated world with thieves and liars. I kind of like Saudi Arabia's policy. Steal and they cut off your I've heard. I'll never know for sure. And here, "they" are letting people out of prison. Why did they get there in the first place? They won't ever live near a politician's house anyway which is what counts, right? Jeez, I'm on a run. Yes, I will vote.
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  10. moona11

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    I've received 6 packages on Tuesday and Wednesday. All early. From UPS, USPS, and 1 From FedEx.
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  11. Rachgier

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    You know you can change the delivery method and pick it up at the post office yourself, right? I've had deliveries get missed, called them up, and the driver came right back. I guess that's the difference between rural areas and city.
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  12. OldOutlaw

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    UPS will not drop it at the local rural town Post Office. The shipper, BCA, uses UPS and UPS will not change their delivery instructions. The UPS terminal here has no listed phone numbers as of early last year. Calling the UPS 800 number is a waste of a lot of time waiting. Like FedEx is also. UH OH! Some lights in the drive way.
  13. Rachgier

    Rachgier Administrator Staff Member

    I have that ups preferred whatever thing and I can change my delivery method whenever I want online. They'll drop it at the post office or hold it at the distribution center for me.
  14. OldOutlaw

    OldOutlaw Supporting Member

    I have that also. I can have a shipment held at their Terminal or UPS store. Postmasters here will not accept any UPS or FedEx shipment for us.
  15. Rachgier

    Rachgier Administrator Staff Member

    Doesn't fly here. UPS and FedEx do parcel post and drop small packages off for USPS to deliver so the post office takes everything.
  16. OldOutlaw

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    Yep. But here, only IF predesignated by the carrier for the USPS to deliver. Not if I try to divert a UPS or FedEx package to just deliver to a PO for my pick up.
    Both companies will at times designate a small package for USPS final delivery. In fact, FedEx has a different numbering code that designates USPS delivery when they notify me of a shipment coming. Easy for me to tell if USPS will actually deliver it. UPS, well, gotta go to their tracking page and see details. At bottom, it shows me if USPS will do the actual delivery.
  17. From my USPS track history for the one package that has yet to arrive . Looks like it took 3 days to go from Chattanooga to Knoxville, and then it stayed in Knoxville for another 3 days.. and as of today, is still in "transit" and its just a frigging cone of Coyote Brown mil spec T-69 thread :rolleyes:

    September 11, 2020
    In Transit, Arriving Late,

    September 9, 2020
    2:53 am

    Departed USPS Regional Facility,

    September 6, 2020
    9:45 pm

    Arrived at USPS Regional Origin Facility,

    September 3, 2020
    9:53 pm

    Arrived at USPS Regional Origin Facility,

    September 3, 2020
    4:02 pm

    USPS in possession of item,

    September 3, 2020
    1:33 pm

    Shipping Label Created, USPS Awaiting Item,
  18. Rachgier

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    I get an email from UPS telling me exactly how the package will be delivered, and options. Odd how differently they do things between our AO's.
  19. OldOutlaw

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    There does seem to be a very big difference how UPS in particular does things when they want to. Here, the USPS delivers any and all packages transferred to them for Delivery from both FedEx and UPS. Because they get a certain percent of what either charged their shipper. But neither will either leave a package at either of my nearby Post Offices. Neither can either PO receive and hold for a pickup from me on said package from either of them. But, I can understand that. No problem with me on that. My problem right now here is this, UPS is flat lying about there delivery dates. Have been for about 6 weeks now and I am not alone here on that.
    Now, a driver who has been here many times was on the truck tonight.
    He got here at approximately 7:15 tonight. I met him at the door. He
    apologized for not getting it here yesterday. He told me they took one driver off of this route for cost savings and he can't keep up like they want. He has to show on the hand held computer he is en-route to the terminal by 7:30 PM. He is on a 12 hour only shift. He looked like one worn out puppy!
    Anyway, he had my upper and my two 22lr ammo shipments with him. Thank Goodness!