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    I'm getting really tired of the United States Postal Service. I know they've had a bad reputation for many years, but is seems I've had an unusually high amount of bad experiences the last couple months.

    Ordered two bayonets for my retro ARs (M16A1). Package arrived with a big hole in the side, shrink wrapped after the fact by USPS, and one bayonet missing.

    Sent a $400 USPS money order on Feb. 2nd. Still has not surfaced anywhere. Will be another month before I can get a refund (60 days total).

    Bought a Ruger .357 and seller sent it 2 day priority mail. Took seven days.

    Bought a Ruger Standard .22 pistol and seller sent it out 2 day priority mail. It was supposed to be here Sat. 21st. Last tracking hit was the 20th departing Champaign, IL. Nothing since.

    My girlfriend ordered a knife for the kitchen. It hit the sorting facility in St. Paul and disappeared.

    She had one other package that spent over a week traveling around our entire state, north to south and east to west. Everyday she'd check the tracking number and it was in a new place.

    If this stuff happened over the course of a year, or even six months, it wouldn't be so bad. But this is in just two months. :mad:

    How come they can't lose my junk mail????

    Ok, I'm done. Just had to vent.
  2. Welcome to the U.S. Postal Service I have ordered stuff that shipped from Mich. to be shipped to central Ohio that went by way of Philly and took two weeks.Other stuff shipped priority that took twenty days getting here. Business run be the Government controlled by the unions and can't figure why they are going belly up.

  3. What?? They lost your junk in the mail? Maybe Loraina Bobbitt is your mail carrier!
  4. I've made over 1,852 transactions through USPS.I rate them 8 out of 10.-2 because they ain't perfect,nobody is.
    I use USPS for quality and speedy delivery.I get tired of people pissin' on these people.
    You can always use Fedrex and wonder if your transaction goes through.
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    I've had mostly good luck with usps its fedex that has done some very strange things to my packages.

    My wife ordered some clothes from somewhere. they were delivered fedex. Or fedex claimed to have delivered them. They were delivered to the empty house 4 miles down the road from me. The only reason i ever got the package back was because the neighbor of the house saw tracks in the snow going o a house where the owner had died the previous fall and went to make sure the house was ok. meanwhile fedex claimed that the driver had dropped the package on my porch and i was out of luck.

    I have a porch and i've come home to find more than one fedex package sitting in front of the door to my porch in rain or snow.
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    My friend was told to send his firearm part to the factory he'd have to pay for their super dooper postage $$$, so he did.
    Well it took a few days for his package to arrive so he took his receipt and tracking number down to the USPS officer and demanded a refund as paying for a service you don't get is illegal.
    He took his refund and bought ammo.
    And just to be fair UPS, Fed Ex and DPS have all lost my stuff but always made good only the USPS seems to have an issue with customer service, broke and bad service a perfect example of our healthcare systems future.
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    I know I shouldn't rag on the USPS, and normally I wouldn't, but it just seems its gotten really bad the last couple months. It just gets aggravating when every other week things get delayed when you pay extra for priority or they get lost, never to be seen again.
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    Maybe they are still delivering Christmas packages...... :stir:
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    I don't really have a problem with UPS, USPS or long as I don't have to sign for anything.
    For some reason, FedEx decides that they are only able to deliver to my house while I'm at work, and if you have to sign for something, they don't want you to just leave your signature on the door tag for them, it has to be in person. But, my mom's house, half a mile away(it was a bit further when I first had to deal with this crap, but it's just how messed up they are), is in their after 4pm delivery time frame. If I don't sign for it after 3 attempts, it goes to their sorting facility in Mansfield, 30 MILES away, where I can venture to to pick it up at my leisure...during their business hours...which would normally be over by the time I drove the hour over there.
    It's always nice to know I'll be able to burn a few gallons of gas going to pick up an item I paid to have delivered to my house.
  10. And that's in the States.
    Try to imagine how I feel; overseas, subject to a bunch of 18 year olds straight out of high school sorting my mail in the MPS (Military Postal System), and that's my only option on base. If I go off-base, I Can use UPS or FedEx, but it costs, literally, a third of my paycheck to send a package.
    Trust me, your pain is felt and magnified lol.
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    I have more issues with Fed Ex than any other carrier. They liked to deliver gun parts to the wrong address every single time, then give me hell when I filed a claim to get it replaced. After 6 or 7 loss claims they tried to demand signature deliveries only to my house so I demanded that their drivers take a picture of the front of my house with the package on the front steps to prove they were at my house when they delivered it. They tried to argue, I told them where to stick the pen in my oh so special way, and I haven't had a mis-delivered package since.
  12. Bingo! I was shipping live hatching eggs USPS. If I shipped on the near the weekend when they went to the airport Fed Ex refused them and sent them back, causing me to throw them away(not fresh anymore). I learned the solution was to always ship on a Monday.

    Many people do not know that Fed Ex is contracted through USPS to handle their air shipments on the week end. I have had horrible luck with them all the way around.

    If you are receiving USPS request shipment on a Monday. If you are shipping ship no later than Tuesday depending on destination. I also try to limit my shipments to the same region or close that I am in.

    Just my opinion, though I have had very good luck with USPS sticking to my plan.
  13. UPS tried that with me in Ohio. My house number was 5652, and they kept delivering to 5662. Understandable once or twice, but they did this numerous, numerous times. It also was convenient that 5662 was right next to the street while mine required you to walk up into the quad. It came to a head when they misdelivered the Nagant I ordered off my C&R to that address. I knew the family that lived there; great people, non-felons, military, but UPS doesn't know that. And, as you all well know, guns need to be signed for. The box, with the gun in it, was sitting on his porch unattended. The tracking said it had a signature. I knew this was not true; the family in question was gone, as the Dad was deployed and the rest of his family was out-of-state living with other family while he was gone.
    I ripped them a new a**hole. I told them straight out they left a gun on the porch of the wrong person, a home that had kids, and lied on the delivery form saying it had a signature.
    I'm not entirely sure what happened after that, but I never saw that particular delivery man again (it was always the same guy); after that, it was a lady and I never had a misdelivered item again.
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    Yeah, I lived in a second floor apartment above a bar at the time. I lived at 114 N and they delivered it to 114 S constantly. Every time I had specific instructions, 114 N, above the bar, right hand door as you face the building from the street for signature deliveries. Non-signature deliveries can be dropped off to the bartender. UPS, no problem. USPS, no problem. DHL, no problems. Fed Ex? Full blown retard time. Wrong house, never signed for, insisted I stole it and they weren't liable for it.
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    Fed Ex sucks here. UPS and USPS are great here.
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    I did have a scary situation I was waiting on my sccy to come back from being converted from cpx1 to cpx2 and the tracking number said delivered and signed for. my ever so helpful mailman left it in my mailbox 1/4 mile from my front door.

    My ups man will leave packages at my wifes work this has made sneaking it past the wife extremely dificult.
  17. My favorite postal moment came when I was in Japan and I had ordered some food from Indian Ladder Farms in New York; they abbreviated it as "ILF" on the return address.
    Well, I get the package slip from my post box and I bring it to the window. The Airman that grabs my box puts it down on the counter and then loudly says, "Here's your Fleshlight, dude!"
    I did not know it at the time, but let's face it, some of you already do know this: ILF can also stand for Interactive Life Forms, a.k.a. the parent company of Fleshlight. This mosquito-winged bastard embarrassed the Hell out of me, so I actually opened it right there at the counter and pulled the food out and told him to get me his supervisor. Right. Now.
    Sorry, I have to translate this for Liberty: "I turned my truck off."
    Anyways, his supervisor, a Master Sergeant, was able to take care of the issue with a "verbal counseling" right there in front of everyone.

    Then of course came the real issue; turns out that Airman was Intel, he was simply working at the post office until his clearance was approved. And guess who they assigned to him as his trainer? Yup.
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    Awkward moment
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    My house is 231 east, there is a 231 west on the other side of town. UPS and FEDEX can't seem to tell east from west... I have complained so many times that they finally gave the drivers a map of every house here in town and said use it or lose your job. With only ~100 houses I can't see mixing easy and west up that bad... especially when both houses are edge of town...
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    I live in a sub division. Every street has the same first name, the last name is drive, lane, or circle. My mail is constantly delivered to lane, I live on circle. I get their mail a lot too. The worst was about 2am once when the authorities came to my house to arrest him, a problem , thank goodness, that quickly sorted out.