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utah permit

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i live in south carolina and have the sc concealed carry permit. several states (ga, al, ms) don't accept the sc permit but does accept the utah non-resident permit. i was wanting to get the utah non-resident permit and was wondering if i have to get fingerprinted again or if i could simple send in a copy of my sc permit since utah accepts south carolina permits. anyone have the utah non-resident permit that can help guide me?
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You have to send them fingerprints. Read this:
and contact them. It's not difficult to qualify, and the Utah permit is one of the most useful to have.
And a photograph. Your Utah CCW class instructor should be able to tell you all you need. here is a listing of certified instructors in your area. http://des.utah.gov/bci/documents/insoutstate_057.pdf South Carolina is on page 12
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