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HI folks, just joined the forum, and noticed that there's some folks here who's asking how to mount a scope and their options.

Let me just say that i considered these questions as well:
1. Are you good with drilling and tapping?
2. Cheapest or money is not an issue?
3. Is scout style gonna be ok or traditional with normal eye relief?

Since i answered no on 1, cheap on 2, scout on 3, i ended up with the UTG mount with only 30 bux to spend. I am not affiliated with them at any way FYI.

Anyway, they are solid mounts and came with 2 shims; 1 for the longer barreled M91/30 and the shorter arbine versions. Installation was easy BUT i do have to do some sanding on the base block since the screw holes didn't line up with the pin holes from the rear sight leaf.

anyway here's what it looks like: *** I have taken off the side rails cause it looks goofy.
The scope is an NCStar 2x7 from Optics Planet. Holds zero and reaching the 50 rd mark.

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