V C Tire Sandals

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  1. neothespian

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    Those are very popular in the Northern Mexican states.

    Not my thing. Then again, when they figure out how to make steel-toe versions I might be game.

  2. TnShooter83

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    I'll just make them out of my old shoes first.
    I all ways seem to wear out fabric/leather first.

    I'd use a tire, but the soles all ready fit my feet.
  3. Ya know, wouldn't that rubber get hot and burn your feet after a while?
  4. Dreamthief

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    guess it wouldn't be a bad idea if you couldn't find anything else.
  5. That's a very good reason to keep a couple of good knives in your vehicle. Especially you guys where it snows a lot. Can you spell "Snow Shoes"?? If your vehicle gets stranded and you need to walk out, making a pair of these into snowshoes might mean the difference of you making it or not. Also, if you need to ransack your vehicle to survive, you may as well cut out everything you possibly can. You can use the hood as a sleigh and the seatbelts as tow ropes. Next time you're out beside your vehicle, take a glance inside and out to see what you could salvage off of it and the tools you would need to do that. That's what you store in the vehicle with your other bugout stuff. Hope this made you think!!!
  6. 69burbon

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    Great point Plankowner. I invested in a couple of those glass break hammers with the belt cutter in the handle for my vehicles ($4 a piece at Dollar General). I have quite a bit of old seatbelt material I have salvaged from vehicles I have scrapped.
  7. Ari

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    Make sure none of the steel belts are poking through :shock:
  8. bobm

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    Have any of you tried to cut thru a tire with a knife. Good luck. As for the Ho Chi Mins; tough, rugged, never want to see them again.
  9. +1 BobM, same here. Saw plenty of them, I saw enough of them.
  10. Sorry guy, but for those of us who live in the North, snowshoes out of a tire is not practical. The tire isn't even close to wide enough, it bends instead supporting weight, and cannot be cut by a knife when the temp is cold enough to have snow. It isn't practical, nor is the attempt worth the energy expended. The risk of injury by slipping with the knife or cutting yourself with the steal radial makes it unwise. There are so many other methods of making snowshoes that would be easier, not ruin your knife, made in an hour instead of days of cutting a tire.

    Save those tires for a heat source.
  11. Hey, that's cool. Made you think though, didn't it?? However, in survival mode, I'm always looking for suggestions, so keep them coming!!! That's why I have "Notes" pages in my Survival Guide so I can write this stuff in there!! :wink:
  12. No not really. There is no reason to think about stuff that wont work when in a survival situation. You don't have that kinda time. It is better to train the mind to identify things that would work quickly and efficiently. Didn't have to think about your suggestion of snowshoes at all. sorry.
  13. SharpsShtr

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    Just read a book that had a whole chapter on making these. You need to use tires without steel belts.