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    That's the state of Virginia, not the VA. I live in KY about 10 min from VA. In a few days they will no longer recognize my KY CCDW. I wouldn't mind getting the VA nonresident permit; they will even recognize my CCDW as proof of a handgun training. The thing holding me back is the $100 fee for essentially just the ability to CC in VA. Other than that, there is no benefit. If it was $20 or $30 it would be OK, but $100 is too much. I didn't pay that much for my KY permit.
  2. same here brother. I travel to VA regularly from PA. Even had a VA CCW for 3 years when i lived there. No longer though, I'm not paying $100 for a non resident. No longer will i be getting gas, or food in VA.
    and West Virginia has taken the spot of my second favorite state.


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    You know, ending reciprocity on concealed carry is kinda stupid on their part anyway. Anybody from anywhere can open carry there. I guess they are afraid that law abiding citizens that have passed background checks from 25 other states can't be trusted to carry concealed there.
  4. What is there policy on open carrying in a vehicle? I don't want to have to lock it, then get it out every time I get in or out of the car.
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    It can be loaded but must be "secured" in a briefcase, the console, glovebox or otherwise. It does not have to be locked in a container to be "secure".
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    They claimed it was to prevent VA residents from carrying in VA under a non-resident license from another state instead of getting a resident license in VA.

    The thing is, that's an easy legal fix which doesn't require canceling reciprocity. Ohio requires Ohio residents to carry under an Ohio CCW while still maintaining reciprocity.

    Peace favor your sword,
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    Gotta luv them Demorats :foilhat:
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    I live in Virginia near the borders of NC, TN, WV and KY. It will impact lot of us but the Va. permit will still be honored by the surrounding states but theirs is not in Va. except for WV. My State Senator, Carrico, arranged for a trainer to have concealed carry permit training for Utah, which is honored in more states than Va. and it is cheaper. They started out with a class of 100 on January 30th. in Abingdon, Va and he has not filled 6 classes with people from Va., NC, TN and KY. The training course for the Utah permit is $75 and the permit is $46 for 5 years. I am scheduled for the first one that is on January 30th. I would suggest look into getting a Utah permit and ignore the ripoff one in Virginia. Information for the class in Virginia is:
    Check here for other information:
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    You can open carry in Virginia whether in a car or outside a car. As long as your gun is in plain view, it is legal. I got my concealed carry permit here in Virginia because other than wanting to carry, I was concerned I might have a gun in my car and accidentally have it slide under a newspaper, coat or something else and that would make it illegal.
  10. have they specifically said so? generally a reciprocity agreement only goes both ways, or no ways.
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    Directly from the VA State Police:

    As of July 1, 2010, a concealed handgun permit is not necessary when carrying a handgun while in a personal, private motor vehicle or vessel and such handgun is secured in a container or compartment in the vehicle or vessel. The term “secured” as used does not require the compartment to be locked."

    I also spoke to my Daughter who is a Police Officer in Richmond VA., she confirmed the law. ;)

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    So is open carry legal? No permit required? I prefer going through VA to visit family in NC. I'll just open carry as it is more comfortable on a long trip.
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    I am surprised as I thought VA was pretty much anti-gun. Not accepting other states CCP is a perfect example of it.
  14. Historically they have been pretty pro gun. When I lived there 3 years ago. I saw more people open carry then my 18 years in PA and no one said a word.
    Ccw was a little expensive but that's it.
    In fact there open carry law is better than PA. In PA you would have to put it unloaded in the trunk every time you get in the car
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    Virginia was always pro-gun until we got the clown McAuliffe as governor and Herring as AG. Bloomberg financed Herring's run and spend $1.2 million in a failed attempt to help the Democrats take over the state senate. They are paying him back.

    Open carry is legal in Virginia because we never passed a law making it illegal. The House of Delegates is firmly Republican so there is not chance of another law.
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    Ky, TN and NC honor all other states permits. See

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    "bless your heart!" Please come and spend your money and go home :p
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    Per a local paper. "
    An"agreement in principle' has been finalized for Virginia to maintain concealed carry handgun reciprocity agreements with other states, a state lawmaker has confirmed.

    GOP lawmakers and the McAuliffe administration have agreed to terms of an agreement to reverse Attorney General Mark Herring's action that would end concealed carry reciprocity agreements with 25 states on Feb. 1.

    A formal announcement is expected Friday.

    "There has been a lot going on in the last couple of days and we just got it hammered out this morning," Delegate Terry Kilgore, R-Gate City said this afternoon. "I'm pleased we were able to get it. We needed it in our area because we needed to make sure people have the ability to cross state lines."

    A series of bills moved through the Senate Courts of Justice Committee Wednesday that would restore reciprocity for permit holders traveling to and from Virginia.

    "It's a deal where nobody got everything they wanted but we have agreed to voluntary - not mandatory - gun show background checks," Kilgore said. "Also, if you lose your concealed carry permit for any reason, you can't go to another state like Utah and get one and if you have a permanent [court-imposed] domestic protective order, you can't get a permit."