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Vacation to Savannah

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I'm going on vacation to Savannah, GA Oct 29th til whenever. Does anybody in that area know of some really cool things to do. My ol lady will definately want to do all the haunted garbage. I want to train a little bit of MMA somewhere other than where I'm at now. So if you know of any MMA gyms, let me know.
I'm also interested in historical experiences so just let me know.
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Bro, downtown Savannah is about as beautiful of a town as you can ever see in the Old South. Once you get down there on the cobblestone streets with the dogwood trees, you'll be hooked. Just stay out of Hinesville, away from the Army base and you're doing good. Over in that area, it's mostly strip bars and seedy nightclubs that all the Army guys frequent. Not such a good part of town.

Make sure you go down to the historical side of the port as well. Once you get on the water, with the old Sail Ships are docked *If they are still there* you'll get into a bit of the "Pirates" atmosphere and you'll walk around with your mouth hanging open. It's really cool to see. If you get a chance, go to the old Confederate Army Fort there as well. There is an absolute crap ton of history in that city, and you won't be able to see it all in one month, much less a week or a weekend.
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If you have a CC permit for Alabama, Georgia honors your license, according to www.handgunlaw.us

So, carry all you want, you're perfectly legal.
And believe every word of it. Make sure you practice your draw, acquire, *dry* fire technique... You just might need it.
1 - 3 of 16 Posts
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