Value of 9mm brass? If any.

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  1. AndrewST

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    Just wonder if there was any value in 9mm brass? I do not reload but started picking up my brass recently and I think I have 200 9mm brass in a box in my safe, and about 900 more unfired rounds of ammo I plan on shooting soon.

    So is there any value to the brass? I think I pick it up due to the fact I don't want to leave my shooting area messy. I have been shooting with a buddy on his fathers ranch.

    Than again I can't see any real value in it considering a box WWB of 50 is still under $8 at Wal-Mart where I live. Maybe I will just continue to collect and it give it away in a raffle on the forum...
  2. I would take it off of your hands.... Thats for sure

  3. Yes, boxer primed brass cases have value to reloaders. When you get up to several hundred cases, let us know. Then the fight will begin. :D :D :D
  4. So you guys could use the 9mm brass I throw out every week? All I use is 9MM Luger Winchester 115 gr. FMJ, but I use a lot of it.
  5. Sniper 995

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    with scrap brass prices over $2 a pound, you throw it away? pick up and save all the brass you can and at the end of the year buy a new gun.
  6. yeah you can never have too much brass on hand. i have over 400 pcs of 9mm and 400 .45 siting around, and it is still not enough.
  7. Ari

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    If you have some extra time on your hands you might get a very simple reloading setup and reload 9mm... (do not go over board) Reloading is a bunch of fun and I enjoy it just for it's own hobby. But the part that makes it really fun is that I am extending the rounds per month I can shoot... And when I cant go to the range I can still be doing something in my shoot hobby...

    I am reloading 9mm for 8.2 cents each right now....
  8. Yep, we could use it
  9. Who couldn't ? But now he knows.
    WE have another reloader.
  10. elguapo

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    After spending an hour sorting all my brass...sure, I will take it off your hands.
  11. I don't have the time or space to reload
  12. We are saved.There will be brass to fight over.
  13. BSK

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    I am debating on reloading and wish that my brass came with me from the range.
  14. Just ask everybody at he range for their brass, and most will give it to you. I offer to clean up their booths if they let me have the brass, or buy em a coke. last trip to the range, i came back with 450 9mm and about 400 .45. There is always brass to be had.
  15. At my local range most guys reload :(
  16. Bummer, It never hurts to ask. Look for the young guys with the big value packs of WWB.
  17. AndrewST

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    I have thought about reloading but I live in a small two bedroom apartment upstairs and do not have a place to reload. Not only that but I have no idea what it takes to put together a setup and get it going.

    Either way I think I will just keep stock piling the Brass and when I get a bunch, start a fight between you re loaders!
  18. Sounds like fun to me.
  19. ill take anyones 9mm brass off their hands