vega n150 holster

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  1. i have the vega n150 holster that came with my c9. brand new never used and probably i will never use it, im not a big fan of the color. ive seen them sell for $38 to $55. i would like to trade even for two c9 8 round mags or if you would like to purchase it shoot me a decent offer including shipping. i can send you pics to your e-mail if you like until i figure how to post pics since i know you have to go through photobucket or something.
  2. any takers before i try to change it to a darker color if possible.

  3. If it's leather, you can get some leather dye and change the color to something that you like better. Just an idea. I don't have any HP Pistols yet, so having the holster would do me no good right now.
  4. yeah its leather. i think ill give it a try and see what happens.
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  6. still have it but now its black. i can send you pics if your interested. never used though.