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    Hey folks, I'm new here. But I was really excited to shoot my new 1095TS with factory ammo and hand loads. I had previously developed my hand loads for my Glock 20 with a 6.4" Lonewolf barrel. My focus was to develop the most powerful 10mm bear load within the max loading limits.
    So for comparison, the factory loads were HSM 200gr and they averaged 1112 fps out of the Glock and in the 1095TS, they averaged 1151 fps. I didn't feel this was much of an increase considering the 1095TS had an almost 3 times barrel length. But I theorize that the factory ammo was loaded with a much faster burning powder optimized for handgun length barrels.

    Now the handloads, 200gn hardcast lead bullets with AA#9 powder: out of the Glock they were running 1307 fps average, resulting in 750 lb-ft of energy.
    In the 1095TS I was getting 1535 fps, resulting in 1047 lb-ft of energy, 228 fps more with this slower burning powder in the 1095TS longer barrel. This energy level is square in the middle of 44mag energy levels !! This is exactly what I was looking for with this 1095TS, the ability to shoot more accurately in the 25 to 50 yard range with 44mag energy levels ! Really happy with this 1095TS so far.
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    Very good! So how does the hard cast handle that velocity? Love to see what it does to a pork shoulder.