Very bummed...favorite FFL closes doors...

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  1. I go to "Toledo Trap & Skeet" in Berkey Ohio to their little 2 gun range.
    This is the place where I got some killer deals...hadn't been there in a couple months.
    Pulled up there today with my CZ82 and my Ruger MkI to punch some paper.
    I get there early and there is only one car in the parking lot...I go up to try the door and see if its unlocked...there is a sign in the door saying "No public shooting".
    I figured well he must of gone big deal, I'll join.
    15 minutes later he come puttering up in one of his Model A Fords...I say hey Jim, whats up?
    He tells me "Sorry I've closed the range AND the store"...felt like someone punched me in the gut!

    Said he'd been losing money for awhile and he can't do it anymore!
    He'd have companies say they are gonna have a trap league there....He'd say sure...c'mon over.
    He'd open up....get the heat or air going...get all his employees in...then no one would show!
    Or he'd get the internet experts in and they'd say "Well I saw this and that on the web cheaper or for what it costs wholesale, you're asking too much"
    Or guys come in "Well Cabela's...Dick's...Gander Mountain is asking such and such"
    He said he finally couldn't take it anymore and started telling people "Well,go to those places then!"

    He just can't keep up with the mega places anymore and now we have a Bass Pro Shop opening soon in the area on top of all the other places mentioned.

    He let me in and let me go through what was left, but there wasn't much I was interested in...he did sell me a 1,000 rd case of S&B 9X18 for $150.

    He said some guys MIGHT buy the place and make it private but probably won't keep the pistol range (It was an add on container type with venting and air/heat) that will probably be sold seperate but not sure.

    Jim used to do transfers for $20 dollars...the next closest small place charges $40.
    I can go shoot there but I don't like the place...all there firearms are high and they act like their doing you a big favor even talking to you and hire snotty nose kids that act like they know it all...but I'll probably have to go ther now for indoor pistol shooting.

    Jim gave me his cell# and said until the place is sold he'll probably be around on Sundays from 2pm-5pm and he'd let me use the range when he's there....

    So freaking sad....:(