Very cheap C9

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    i was gonna go get it on saturday and send it back to hipoint, but work this week sucked, only got in about 200 bucks, so that option is out. maybe it will be there next saturday. if not, i'd really like to get that c9 comp they have for 129.

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    Add shipping and transfer and you'd be up there around $140.00
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    Panoz I was looking at their website and spotted that one and called and was buying it. While doing so I was also perusing the forum. I spotted another thread where you stated you wanted this one. I was on hold with one of the sales folks while reading. When they came back to the phone I told them never mind that I had changed my mind. So as far as I know it is still waiting for you.
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    Not me :shock: , I have a C9 comp, I think you may have me mistaken for someone else, linky? Take it, I'm good with one C9.