very good article on CQB -ready back up sights

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    this is in the September 2014 issue of Guns & Weapons for law enforcement Magazine on page 70 -72 then continued on page 98 . It talks about the importance of Offset 45 deg sights and also highlights the Diamondhead D-45 sights , Duek Defense RTS , GG&G transition sights , Midwest industries and XS sight systems

    it even mentions in this article that Co-witnessing thru a Red Dot can become problematic . also mentions that 45 deg offset sights are best from 0-50 yrds

    here's a set of Diamondhead D45's .........
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    That is way too expensive.:cool:


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    Well if you want the best you pay for them no questions asked !!! , I myself have been eyeing those diamondhead D45's for awhile now !! And would work quite well on my carbine
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    If you judge "best" by "most expensive," you'll end up with no money and gimmicky junk.

    I kinda like the idea, but I'd much rather just get some 45 degree rail adapters and put some standard $60 sights on them.
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    If you want the best, you ask questions first. Price doesn't indicate quality in every case.

    But I rarely want the best. I usually want the cheapest functional option, and sometimes the best within reason, price wise.:cool:

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    Diamondhead D45's are now found on law enforcement rifles such as in SWAT teams and now finding their way onto military issued rifles . So that has mean something right ??

    The diamond shaped rear aperture allows the shooter to get on target quicker
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    Yep. It means when you are spending other people's money, you don't bother saving any of it.:cool:

    Just because some guy in some department gets a hard on about something, it doesn't mean anything.

    My school district buys Macs, even though they cost $400 more than the equivalent PC. Why? Because the tech guys don't know how to properly admin PC's. That's 4 guys making decisions for 500.:rolleyes:

    So rather than spending a few grand getting some instruction and getting a new skill set, we spend tens of thousands buying machines that fit a limited skill set. Welcome to the government logic system.:cool:
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    I'm not sure how that'd feel firing a gun at an awkward angle against my shoulder. Especially something like my Tavor

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    Barely less than a 3 deg cant not noticeable at all and last weekend I got to shoot a really nice AR10 and it had offset sites . Even with my bad shoulder and canting the rifle to use the offset sites and never bothered me one bit
  10. Vet, how many CQBs do you intend to be in, in civilian life that is?? And against who?? I'm really curious about this.
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    honestly, the 45degree offsets require very little roll of the weapon to use. ive got a set of inexpensive ones from amazon on my 4595ts, just for basic backup if the batts fail on my reflex sight. i cant imagine a set of gazillion dollar ones working any better than the 35 dollar set im using though, its not like they see any kind of stress.

    but, they do work very well, and are still very comfortable to use.

    but, like everyone else, i completely disagree with the need for ridiculously high dollar ones just because ''law enforcement'' uses them. if someone else was paying for my gear, sure, i'll take the highest priced ones on the market, but, i seriously doubt they work any better than much cheaper units.
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    for when the SHTF and for use as a HDW !!!
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    And many of the teachers (the professionals) are afraid or just plain can't learn a new computer operating system...

    I always love it when I hear our schood district claim that we need to start teaching kids about computers in Kindergarten. Yup the conputer skills they learn then are gonna be useful 12 years later...

    Back to the 45 deg angles sights. Do they fit on a Mac?
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    Only with a $45 proprietary cable. And even then, it will only let you shoot at authorized targets, as determined by Apple, as long as you pay for and download the correct target info via the Apple store.

    Hey, but it will all be intuitive, so no worries.:cool:
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    If I was one of the brainwashed, hipster masses, I'd defend Apple against this statement. But, as someone who owns Apple products, I will wholeheartedly concur with your statement.
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    Thank goodness, another person with sense!

    I have a MacBook, iPad, several iPods, the daughter has an iMac plus a MacBook...and I still hate the way some things work. It's just arbitrary and contrary, and designed to maximize add on sales, IMHO.

    Oh, just to be clear, I also own a Surface, at least 10 PCs that I built (7 of which also run various versions of Linux) my son has a PC laptop, and I still think MS sucks almost as bad as Apple.;)
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    I know one diehard windows person saving for a macbook because of windows 8.

    I'd probably get something besides an iPad, if I was in the market for something like that. But I have an iPod, Phone and Macbook Pro. I also got me one of those stickers for my Macbook, too
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    ^^^ It really needs a skull sticker on it
  19. My problem with MAC has always been things like proprietary connectors, that cost double a standardized one. locking there devices so that you can only download things from there store.

    oh yeah and there desktops are at least a couple hundred more than a comparable windows machine.

    oh and the fan boys. OH GOD THE FAN BOYS. They make glock fan boys look pathetic.
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    Yeah..... They make vegan, PETA, global warming, hippies seem normal.