Veterans, tell us about your service.

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  1. I'll start; I served active duty 81 to 87 got out and joined the Ohio Army National Guard on the try one program. Been in the Guard ever since. I've been a helicopter mechanic or crew chief the whole time working on the huey 81 to 99 then transitioned to blackhawks. I've been overseas three times since 11 September 2001. I'm proud of having served our country and I'll bet you are too! Let's hear your story...
  2. Joined Kansas National Guard in 1979, Wheel and Track Vehicle systems mechanic, worked mainly on the old 110 self-propelled howitzers, jeeps and deuce and half trucks.

    Went active army in 1982, went BACK through basic training again because I went infantry, Fort Benning GA. Stationed Combat Support Company, 3rd/32nd, 7th Infantry at Fort Ord, Ca. Due to personal problems at the time, got a general discharge under honorable condition December of that year.

    Was out for a while, but then went back into the Kansas National Guards at the urging of my old unit buddies, got a waiver on my reenlistement ban, lol... went back in as a Wiredog... commo. I ran commo for the last firing of the old 110 Howitzers before we sold them all to Turkey way back when... then went into Fire Direction Control as a computer operator and section chief when they went to the Multiple Launch Rocket Systems... some bad boys there!

    This was when I went to work for the AGT1500 program at Fort Riley, KS. The job dictated that I was serving in specific MOS's, which I wasn't...

    I transferred to a transportation unit out of Manhattan KS and qualified to drive the HETS... those MASSIVE trucks that some of you have seen on the highways that haul the M1 Abrams tanks where they need to go. I have some pics somewhere I will have to post, those trucks were just amazing!

    Anyways, my unit got called for Iraq, and 14.5 years of artillery on ill-fitting hearing protection did me in... of course the VA said it wasn't service-related, and I had enough of the bureacracy and let it go. I was 3 months short of a full pension (they backdated my discharge) and lost my fed job because of it (Required membership in the National Guard) but I had a great time, met some good people and saw a lot of the country, never went overseas though.

    Still got my Class A uniform, a pair of gortex extreme cold boots, four sets of BDU's. my gay Beret, lol... one AAM and one ARCOM. Oh, and my "hydration unit"... one forest camo camelback! Oh, and one general discharge, and three honorable ones! I hate it when a job app asks for your dates of service!

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    97-01 SD ARNG light wheel mech, spent lots of time going ot schools, (temp EOD/UXO, improvised field anti armor, explosives and demolitions of structures etc). part of the SD "tuxedo" teams (temporary unxeploded ordinance/EOD teams, used during the clinton era of base and armory closure/reorganization to fill teh gap in trained EOD technicians), ended my hitch early after a paperwork SNAFU when iwas in basic training forced a general discharge after only half of my enlistment was up.

  4. SW, I'd go back in if I were you man. Hell, all you'd have to do is just go to a training refresher and you'd be good to go.

    Most of you guys know my story already so I'll skip it in lieu of those I've not heard.
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    Unites States Air Force active duty from 00-04. 2A652, Aerospace Ground Equipment stationed at Dover AFB, DE. Went in as an E3 and walked out with a line number for E5. Never had to deploy, I herniated two discs in my back right as my bucket was starting so I spent the last year or so of my enlistment locked up in the shop tool crib. Mix of good and bad luck I guess. Best part of the deal, every day (or night) I got to spend towing AGE down the flight line in my bobtail. Worst part of the deal, every time I had deliver or service the MA-3D air conditioners being used to supplement the cooling at the DOD port mortuary. I'd never do it again, but I wouldn't trade the experiences for anything.
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    NE Utah
    Joined in Jan '86 for the GI Bill...I had worked as a cook for a few years, and I figured if I was a mechanic, between the two skills I could ALWAYS get a job somewhere...$3500 bonus and guaranteed Europe to sign as a 63B light wheeled vehicle mech. Had a year of college, but the paperwork got messed up, so I went in as a private. Paperwork got fixed while I was in AIT at Ft. Jackson, so I was a PFC when I went to Germany. 18 months got extended to 24 by the Army; then extended again as I got married and wanted housing. Made E5 in under 25 months, and managed to just beat the requirements for PLDC, never had to go. Served in Kriegsfeld Army Depot, also called Northpoint, for all of my time in service. Worked in the motorpool for 2 years, then in the installation coordinators office, as I learned German and could actually think and type. Got named as the liaison for the local German units, so I got to go shoot all the German guns, play games with their reservists that included lots of food and beer...but I don't drink. :devilsidesmile:

    Instal. Coord. office was in charge of non-tactical vehicles, so I got to drive buses to the amusement parks all over Germany with unit family members, drive PLDC guys to Bad Tolz, and generally had a great job. The site was a nuke site, so field was limited to half the company, one week max. In four years, I had 9 days in the woods. One real "air mission" when we moved a real nuke, got to sit next to the nuke in a Chinook for 3 days...and yes, we would ride the Lance missiles back to the shop for maintenance after we tied them into a 10K forklift, so I have ridden a nuclear missile. :devilsidesmile:

    Got out in Aug 90, got recalled for Desert Storm in Jan 91...that's right, I got a letter in the mail. Flew to Jackson, there were too many of us there, got bussed to Lost inthe Woods. Spent several months in Leonard Wood, shot a gun so old it was marked as an XM16 with no forward assist and only about 5 numbers in the serial number...and then went home to finish using my GI bill money.
  7. I took all the tests and 6 days after turning 17 I took the the oat. tried to enlist in Army or Marines but dad had to sign for me and he would only agree to AF or Navy. So I enlisted in the Air Force. I went lackland AF Base in San Antonio for basic. While going through the first week of processing, shots,etc. I volunteered to take an experimental flu inoculation. I think I volunteered the T I said sign this so I signed it. I got the shot and by the time I started 3rd week of basic I was nearly dead. I went to Wilford Hall Hospital with one collapsed lung and one collapsing, obviously they did good work there I made it. I spent a few months in the hospital then returned to my squadron finished basic and moved across the base to Air Police School 3275Th Air police Squadron. About a week before graduation back into the hosp. with a relapse another couple months in hospital then they told me I was going to be discharged. While I was in the hospital the second time I got orders for Vite Nam . I guess I was lucky that I didn't have to go but I was very disappointed. Some how as only the military can do my paperwork was lost and I spent a few months in a transient barracks running errands for the First Sgt and occasionally guarding prisoners on work detail . They finally found my paper work and I was honorably discharged on Dec 12 1963. I guess I didn't serve much but I tried to. After I was discharged I had more problems with my lungs and they wound up taking one out at the Palo Alto VA Hospital. I envy you guys that are serving and I thank you all for what you do.
    After the surgery I got a lot better and tried to get into the guard or the army but couldn't do it with one lung. I envy
  8. Joined the USN in July 98, attended various schools to learn the CIWS Phalanx. From April 00 to Oct 04 served aboard USS Nicholas FFG-47, as a weapons system tech on the sole system. Secondary duties aboard sent me to schools at Blackwater in North Carolina to learn MIO/VBSS. Went on two deployments (Persain Gulf in 01 and Med in 03) visiting 16 different ports and earning my Enlisted Surface Warefare Specialist as an E-3. I was in Malta on 9/11 and I reenlisted 16 days later. Last 3 years I was in I served as a maintenance tech maintaining 5 complete and 4 partial systems and as a fill in gun system instructor in the school house that I learned in.
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    Enlisted May of 81, did basic in Ft. Gordan,GA, took my A.I.T. in Ft. Bliss, TX as an Air Defense Gunner , 16R Vulcan Cannon, Stationed in Ft. Ord, CA, was there a year, then got orders to Schofield Barracks, HI, went to Team Spirit '85 cant remember exactly where in Korea, but that was an interesting month.....and a as a 55B,did a school at Redstone Arsenal, then onto Ft. Hood. discharged from Hood, then in 2000 went into the Oregon Guard as a 19D Scout did three yrs there then got out again....couldnt pass the hearing thing again so.....thats it
  10. active duty USAF from 85 to 89. aircraft maintenance....and i'm still doing it.
    did my basic at Lackland AFB, San Antonio, Tx.
  11. Air Force 1967-1971. Morse and Non-Morse Radio Operator. Tech School at Keesler AFB and Goodfellow AFB. Overseas at Karamursel Air Station near Istanbul Turkey. Discharge at Kelly AFB.--------Larry
  12. Lots of Air Force guys here. Awesome!
  13. us army 88 -92. the base decision in my life. took me away from detroit, mi at 17 and help me become the responsible man i am today. looking back, most of the crowd i was with ended up in prison.
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    USN-R 1968-1974. Active duty 8/70 - 5/72 Fleet Training Group GTMO (COMFLETRAGRU) RM2 (E5) radio drill instructor mostly high speed 20 wpm plus with speed key. GTMO Ham call: KG4EY. No radio school. No Navy School. Passed test for RM1>Chief but they refused to accept it because I refused top re-up. The tests were easy but Navy life was not cup of tea. I preferred long hair to uniforms. Still do at age 61.
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    USN 84-90, was electricians mate, was on uss gridley most of my hitch. got to go on alot of overseas cruises mostly to the gulf when Iran was acting up. Escorted tankers ect. ships in my group saw some action when iran tried to attack some of our ships ect. saw many interesting things. i saw the challenger explosion, was in San Fran when the big quake in 89 happened,chased drug smugglers in american waters. saw alot of cool places,my fav was probably hong kong before china took it over. over all it was good duty and i will never regret serving my country.
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    Drafted at 19, Army Feb 1971-May1995 medical field, retired with rank of 1SG. Have a metal plate and seven screws still from my wonderful experiences. Almost cried when I got that draft notice on a Saturday afternoon in the mail, but would do it all over again. I love it especially when that retirement and VA disability check arrives each month!! Is why I have not worked since retiring in 95..
  17. Navy,from 78-81. stationed on the USS Jason as a 2nd class machinist mate (E-5). Made two West Pacs to Japan,Philipines, Hongkong, Austrailia and Deago Garcia. Ended up my Last 6 mths at Pearl Harbor.
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    Didn't know you could get both ??
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    you can get both if your disability isnt 100% IIRC.