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  1. Soooo going to get one of those.

  2. Sweet! Sounds like does what it is intended to do very well. Until I saw it in a persons hands I didn't fully realize how small it is. Very cool! I still wish, and hope, a 9mm and .22 caliber becomes available.
  3. Interesting, but like I told Primal, I don't trust that review. Factory provided the guns, probably tested and tweaked to ensure a good session. Factory provided ammo. Factory provided mags. Plus theres the fact you never get invited back if you give bad reviews in these occasions. I'll wait for (fully) independent reviews before I consider one.
  4. I'm with Taurus on this one. I think I'll wait for the independent reviews and maybe rent one when they become available, then I will decide if I will buy one. Right now I stick with the XD40SC at my side.
  5. Watching the video, I noticed that it doesn't have last round hold open... In a shooting situation, when you reload, racking the slide takes precious seconds off your response times.... I like last round hold open for the fact that you can slam a mag home, hit the slide release with your thumb and you're back in business.... Just my $0.02.
  6. I like it, and I like Ruger a LOT.
  7. Isn't it ruger who stamps their firearm barrels with something like Read Manual First or some crap? Wonder if they still do this.
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    "the most exciting gun launch for 2008" LMAO whats exciting about a clone?

    If you look at the inspiration, the p3at doesnt have last round hold open, ruger just slapped new plastic on the same design w/ no significant updates.
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    Yeah I am excited about the new Ruger .380 but I do agree with Taurus that the real testing will begin when these pistols get into our hands. This is on my wish list but not the first on the list. :wink: I want to see how they will feed HP ammo. The test was FMJ. Still cool though.