Video Review of Three Carbines

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  1. I found this on YouTube: A video of a guy reviewing the Hi-Point 995, the Kel-Tec Sub2000, and the Beretta CX4 Storm carbines.

    He doesn't rate the HP as better, but as a good bang for the buck. The KT shoots most accurately of the three.


    This is one of the better comparison videos or internet web pages comparing carbines.
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    lets just hope this guy doesn't quit his day job at jiffy lube.

  3. The big up for kel-tec is the hi-cap glock mags. The big down is ergonomics and the sights suck.
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    I have seen a number of magazine reviews that pitted the 995 against most every pistol caliber carbine ever made, including the Marlin camp carbine. In every instance the 995 was rated the best bang for the buck.I have owned only two, 995 and a Thompson, the Thompson sells for 5-6x the cost of the 995.It is a piece of crap , that broke more often than it fired.[​IMG]
  5. His voice was putting me to sleep.
  6. My thompson never gave me any trouble and I shot a lot of rounds through it. They are an expensive weapon though.
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    Unsupported groups for fire for accuracy is not the best measure to judge mechanical accuracy of a carbine. If the shooter pulls a few shots then the carbine looks bad, If the carbine throws a few shots off the well supported rest then the ammo or carbine could be suspect.
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    The location of the charging handle on the kel-tec was what kept me from buying one.I have large hands and the handle came within a fraction of an inch of hitting my wrist. Probably not a problem at the range but downright dangerous in a tactical situation. I've been bitten once or twice with slide on an automatic pistol, nothing a bandaid wouldn't fix but that thing looks like it could do serious damage to your wrist and arm.It was pointed out by the man in the video, but he did talk in monotones...
  9. I basically liked his video except for the noncense at the very last.

    The video may not be technically perfect, but it gives someone like me that knows nothing about the other two weapons a comparison against the Hi Point carbines.

    He did put some time and thought into it.