Vinegar on my slide?

Discussion in 'Hi-Point Pistols' started by money132333, Dec 17, 2015.

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    Can i take the bluing off of my jhp 45 with vinegar without it eating anything up?
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    The slide on modern Hi Point handguns is not steel and it's not blued. The slides are made of ZAMAK, a strong zinc alloy, and they are Powder Coated, which is a process of applying a thin, durable, coating of a polymer material

    It is possible to remove the Powder Coat, some people have, but it can't be accomplished with acids and certainly not such a mild acid as household vinegar.

    That said, once the Powder Coating is removed, you might consider coating it with something else again. ZAMAK polishes nicely but oxidizes quickly and easily, forming a dull gray color which many find quite unattractive. Some people polish it and work hard to keep it polished. Other people coat it with some other coating such as DuraCoat. A few have had the slides nickle plated, ims.

    I think the people who remove the powder coating typically use the old "elbow grease" method.

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    Funny thing. Once stripped of the coating, a rub of vinegar will oxidize the ZAMAK rather nicely into a decent finish. Sort of like zinc bluing.
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    Just for laughs, I polished my JCP's slide to a bright mirror shine, masked certain areas then swabbed with vinegar which produces a light dull grey. Looks nice for now, but air exposure dulls the polished areas.