Virginia to ban testicles...

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  1. Got this from another thread, needless to say the title made me follow the thread,,2933,323026,00.html

    Now I dont know about you, but I think they have a point. What if people did not stop at testicles, what if they hung a dong of the back of their truck, or a vagina, or a pair of boobies. I hate for the goverment to get involved in something like this, but.....
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    I think it's pretty sad that taxpayer money is going to get wasted on something like this. I love how they immediately claim that these are "replicas of human male genitalia" I guess that's why the company website is maybe humanballs was taken :?
    Honestly, someone was offended by rubber nuts hanging from someones truck? I guess Animal Planet is offensive too, I've seen lots of critter parts on that channel... it's like I'm watching porn! and when PBR, or rodeos are on TV, can we please get someone to blur out the bulls junk?! Are you frigging kidding me? :roll:
    Should I get a little black bar to cover my dogs nuggets when I take him for a walk? Wouldn't want to damage fragile little minds, and cause years of therapy with his grapes. If you have a problem with it, don't look at it.
    All I'm saying is I don't have balls on my truck, and never planned on it, but I support the right to hang those balls.

    Thinkin' bout gettin' some to hang from the AK... just to be a tool. :D


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    From the title I thought ALL males in Virginia had to be nuetered! :lol:

  4. lmao
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    Don't speak too loud, apparently the government has a little
    time on it's hands.
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    Truck nuts are a novelty, many modified "Muddin' " trucks have them. Even the old box chevy caprice's with the 24-26" rims and 10" lift have them! These testicles are bringing people with the same opinions together, redneck and hood rat, and the liberals can't stand to see people united/getting along. I wouldn't put them on my Riviera, just because they'd probably drag the ground.
    But 3 reasons i won't have them, #1:OUCH! #2:Tacky #3:Explaining to my grandmother why they are cool.

  7. Dude, having testicles that drag the ground?! YOU THE MAN!!!! LMAO!!!!
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    If you get the Stainless Steel ones, they spark! Get a buddy to put magnesium on the bottom, they spark MORE!
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    Man, that is nuts. :)