VLADIMIR PUTIN Down for the Count???

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by undeRGRound, Mar 14, 2015.

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    Whoever takes over, are in the position to take over because Putin put them there. Not good.

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    Looks like a military coup if you read the article... but sometimes the devil you know is not as bad as the devil you don't know... :confused:
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    Ok, read the article;) Yea, sounds bad.
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    O B did it ;-) him and SWAGA thought it out playing golf.
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    I'll believe it when I see it. He's probably out bear hunting "bare handed". Probably invited the big "O" but changed his mind because O's shotgun smoked too much :rofl:
  7. Looks like coup, and hopefully it is not a return to the Soviet Block.
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    "O" could not hang with Vlady, even in a game of basketball :D
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    It's Bush's fault! :rofl: :foilhat:
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    And I thought there was no disputin the Putin.
  11. His girlfriend is rumored to be in a Swiss hospital right now. He might be a proud new papa or she has some problem that Ron Paul would be qualified to handle/deal with.
  12. I read in the Turkish news this morning that word on the street in Moscow is 'That if there was a coup attempt, Putin ordered it to happen for his benefit.'
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    Must be he didn't get the right people killed.
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    I'm not so sure that the replacements would be more "radical" - whatever that actually means. Yes, it would be military and security services carrying it out, but there isn't anyone else who could do it. Maybe this is a "follow the money" scenario. The sanctions resulting from Putin's adventures in Ukraine are putting a bit hit on the Russian economy (the ruble is in huge trouble), which is already staggering because of falling oil prices (Russia is highly dependent on energy exports). The oligarchs making money hand over fist in Putin's Russia might very well be very disaffected with the situation. Money guys like stability. Another article from the same source:

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    The world oil markets are controlled by the US/Saudi combine, and they have apparently decided that cheap oil can bring down Russia, which is a key in the counter-economy BRICS nations. BRICS are vying to establish the next WRC (world reserve currency) based on a Gold Backed Chinese Yuan. Putin has already made major moves towards backing the Ruble with Gold at a future date. This makes him a danger to the current elite of the world who are defending the old U$D paradigm tooth and nail. They are propping up the U$D for as long as they can, because they are making accelerated profits even as the death throes of the U$D make life perilous for all of us. I read several scenarios in the last few years that bear this out, and it all seems to be coming together. A modest investment into precious metals should pay of handsomely as things fall apart. If you can defend your investment, and I DO mean with force, if needed. SHTF and all of that...
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    CBS news this morning showed Russian tv and newspapers reporting Putin back at work in his office.

    The article sounded like unfounded theories with a headline to sell.
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    Links? :indeed:
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    The "UK Telegraph" is saying that earlier reports about Putin being present for a meeting with the Kyrgyz president were issued in error:


    Apparently, the meeting was supposed to have been reported in the future tense but was accidentally told in the past tense. The Telegraph surmises that the blunder is indicative of an active effort, on the part of the state media, to cover up for his disappearance.

    I personally find the disappearance to be troublesome just be virtue of the fact that Putin, like all despots, relies heavily on a cult of personality. He has to stay in the media, depicting himself as a larger-than-life figure who is bringing back the Soviet glory days in response to increasing Russian nationalism. Staying out of sight does nothing to further those objectives.

    The bottom line is that Putin rode a tide of popularity based on rising oil prices that existed at the same time that he was busy sticking a thumb into The West's eye. Russia's economy, though, is a one-trick pony, relying almost entirely on its petro industry. With crushed oil prices (largely resulting from our domestic fracking), the Russian economy has taken a big blow--all while Russia has been subjected to sanctions and ruined relations with the civilized world because of its Ukraine escapades.

    I do not have a high level of confidence that he will be coming back into the public eye with his previous status. I look forward to seeing what happens from this. It will be one heck of a show.
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  20. He has a popularity rating(as of last week) among Russian of about 86%. And over 50% of the people there (as of last week) think that Russia's current problems and those in Eastern Europe are the result of a US conspiracy against them. FWIW, if you read the comment at Russian news site you'll see how they view conspiracys.

    I wouldn't want to be trying to run Russia if there was a coup, given how the Russian think of him and their worldview. If he don't show up soon there is going to be trouble there. If he is gone, he's either at a hospital or is dead(accident, homicide or natural causes).

    People love a nationalist leader as opposed to an internationalist. That's why we never see 86% popularity rating as long term thing. And Putin is a nationalist.