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Volunteer Arms Commando .45 - are they any good?

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I found one locally for $350 and was wondering if they are any good. I know that you can't really find parts for them any more which is pretty sucky. I'm not sure which model it was, but the bore was in good shape. The rest of the body was probably in 70%ish condition. The whole receiver cover was fairly rusty, the outside of the barrel had some rust spots, and the compensator had a bit of rust as well. It didn't come with any mags either. I've been wanting a .45 carbine and since the 4595 probably won't be out for another 3-4 hundred years I would consider this guy if it's a good price. If not, what would it be worth?
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Like you I want a 45acp carbine and have given up on Hi-Point :devilsidesmile: (sorry). I'm saving all my spare cash for a Thompson. I'd come across the Victory but decided against it for the parts unavailability you mention. Might make a good project gun but I'll just keep saving and see which comes first the 4595 or the big ole pile of cash needed for the Thompson. My bet is on the cash pile and the tommy.
unless it comes witha big box of spare parts id pass.

Spares are to say the least problematic. I'd say away and save for a Thompson or a CX4. The rust problem could be a lot worse than it appears, I've seen pits that go as much as .20 inches in a rifle barrel. As you can imagine this weakens the barrel by a large amount.

Ron M.
they're awesome , mine has never jammed , no matter what i feed it . the only issue is it's hard to find parts for, tho most parts are very simple and could probably be adapted from other guns if needed , and it seems pretty well built , i don't see anything in it that i would consider to be easily breakable , even the firing pin is pretty stout . check out the link in my signature , all the volunteer commando stuff that i've scrounged up .
i knew there was somebody on here who had one of them.

I wish I'd never sold mine--and I don't say that about a lot of guns I've let go of. It would eat absolutely any ammo; I used to shoot up reloads that wouldn't function well in any handgun with it. If I found another at that price in reasonable shape I'd jump on it. They are simple and parts shouldn't be hard to fabricate on your own if necessary.
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