Wait a little longer for .45

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  1. I called my Hi-Point dealer today to see if they had a .45 in-stock. They didn't. :( But I was told they'll have one on Monday. Hope it doesn't come via USPS... they're closed Monday.
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    good luck with the .45 i know i will never regret buying mine

  3. I love my Hi-Point .45!
  4. I think my 45 is the best shooting gun I own and I own alot!
    Good luck with it.
    I'm looking for a 40 now!

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    More then likely UPS or Fed ex
  6. Oh happy days! Got my 45 today. :D I had a few minutes today before my Wednesday night shooting league to fire-off a few rounds. For such a heavy gun, it has fairly good balance. I'll give it a proper work-out Sunday.