Waited 27 years for this...

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  1. septimius

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    Well.. stimulus came in, not as much as I thought but enough to get a few things...

    New Lawnmower
    Trampoline for the kids
    Gun stuff = 1 new mag for the 380 and 9mm, a touch up insta black pen, box of ammo for the 380 and a little splurging and got a box of 3" steel shot for the new to me 12 guage.. (wanna feel da kick!)

    and then... from the first time I saw the first movie I wanted this item, and I dont care if the new movie is good or bad, im gonna love it anyways lol:


    and it looks good with my 22 revolver:


    gonna wear it (the hat) at our once a year town party.. The Miles City Bucking Horse Sale.. It's a big todo around here... just like its title implies.. plus a closed off main street wear everyone gets together and gets drunk.. and stuff lol... Lots of fun for the kids too... Our town population for 360 days is around 9500... when this thing hits for the four days... it can triple...

    here's a link to the BHS website for more info...


    Finally... NOW you all can call me DR JONES... (at least for a day lol)
  2. Nice looking hat and it does go good with that revolver

  3. masfonos

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    By "the movie" I'm guessing you mean Indiana Jones? But that doesn't make much sense...from the looks of it, that hat's leather? Details?

    congrats on the buys though.

    My SSN last two digits are dead center, so I'm waiting till june/july
  4. septimius

    septimius Guest

    yup lol indy jones... actually.. got the hat on sale at our local western wear place... on sale for 30 bucks lol...

    "Indiana Jones AdventureWear"

    and its 52% cotton and 48% poly...

    it LOOKS and FEELS like leather ... and the color is subtle.. its soft and confortable so its wearable for me..

    Not really a hat guy,, barely a baseball cap wearer.. but I had to have one lol...

    and it didnt feel to geeky to wear at the street party after a beer and 3 shots of tequila (first time in 15 years) lol
  5. AndrewST

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    Nice hat! I myself look like trash in a hat, but I would wear them if I could pull them off.

    Actually I can pull off the top hat and tux thing, but wearing that every day is a little tough I think.
  6. neothespian

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    If you're going to emulate a man....GOOD choice!!

    I have the bullwhip and satchel that matches perfect to what he carries, I just need a hat that FITS and a decent wheelgun to complete the look.

    I know, a guy who works in theater who doesn't have a Fedora. I just can't find one that fits and 8 1/4 hat size :?
  7. where's the whip? you have to complete the ensemble....!!!!! :)
  8. septimius

    septimius Guest

    lol yeah.. kids want me to get the whip... cant find one around here... but I am happy with the hat.. and wore it yesterday SOBER and it still felt good and not to geeky lol...