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Discussion in '2nd Amendment' started by sdbrit68, Feb 8, 2015.

  1. sdbrit68

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    Has anyone heard anything more on californias 10 day waiting period. I know the request by the state for an extension was struck down, but I cant find anything on where it stands, can I just go buy a new gun tomorrow and take it home ?

    Are they going to a higher court ?
  2. Blue

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    No idea, but you can go buy the gun and pick it up later ;)
    Seriously, why don't you just phone the store and ask.
    For us here, its a 3 day cooling off period on handguns, even if you already have a few at home :confused:

  3. moona11

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    Here you get right away. No wait.
  4. Check at Calguns. They would have the answer you seek.

  5. Just did the leg work for you. It appears a stay was granted. They''re going to drag this thing out. Bottom line, 10 day wait still applies.

  6. sdbrit68

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    California it was challanged last year, and decided a waiting period for some purchases served no purpose. I have already been through a background check, and I already own guns, so no benefit to the wait.

    Thought about it tonight after stores were closed
  7. Fracman

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    Here in the great state of North Dakota we have a store if you are a resident you can buy a case of beer, bottle of whiskey and a pistol all at the same and walk out with all three after your background check comes back good. That is how it should be everywhere
  8. There's an entire thread about this on Calguns forum. A stay was granted, which means it's getting drug out, maybe years.

    We still have to wait.

  9. Back2School

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    One of the great things about KS is the fact that if you have a CCW, they dont HAVE to even to the BG check. Everyplace I have been to does, but they dont HAVE to.
    Edit-that means call it in, they still have to do the form.


    Kansas Concealed handgun licenses issued on or after July 1, 2010 qualify as alternatives to the background check.
  10. moona11

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    That's what I said but you said it better:-D ND rocks...
  11. If you can get a pack of cigarettes there, it would be the ATF store.
  12. moona11

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    You can:D:D:D
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    They have added explosives to their name now too, so can you get dynamite?
  14. Fracman

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    You can even get bait and gas. It might be my favorite store