Wal-Mart to close 154 stores in the U.S.

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    This should happen within the end of this month , hopefully this won't be a store nearby to you as that means your ammo supply is now gone !!!!!!!
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    I live halfway between two stores. They are each only ably 4 miles from my house. One of them is the smaller type of store that the article mentions. It is the one that I go to more often because it is always less busy. I could see them closing this one. The really bad news is that the smaller store usually has a better ammo supply and occasionally they have a rifle of interest.

  3. I buy all of mine online anyway.
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    To be clear ., most are Express stores, not the big stores. Did they even have ammo?
    The one nearest to me opened not even a year ago, so that sucks for the town its in.

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    It's all their different stores from their express to their super stores . Mainly if you've got (2) stores in your town and they're 10 miles apart they will close the store with lesser sales average no matter if the store just recently opened or it's their larger store

    I've got (2) stores in my area and the newest store is slated to close by the end of this month . Also there is I believe (9) stores in Socal being closed by the end of the month
  6. I didn't see any article - just the usual advertisements. :confused:
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    NE Utah
    There are so many Walmarts, I don't see this affecting most people. And it certainly won't affect my ammo supply, they never have what I want anyway.:mad:

    I live one hour from any Walmart. But there are three of them...:rolleyes:

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    Like I mentioned I've got (2) stores both standard Wal-Mart stores but the newest one maybe just two years old is slated to close by end of month

    I usually buy ammo from either store or other items
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    ALL mall-warts have ammo around me, and I have shopped them all :D (for ammo!) NONE are closing.

    We have 2 mall-warts, 5 miles apart, and a sams in between. None closing. None in Indiana at all, afaik!
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    The article I read was on my Investment Company news page. It was the Walmart announcement. As I recall, 120 of the Walmart Express stores will close.
    This means very few main stores will close. Only ones would be those with low business volume.

    Little to worry about here.
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  12. I'm worried more about my 401k than I am Walmart.Took a huge loss in 2007-08.Most all of that loss I recovered,plus some,and now its tanking again.
  13. Arkansas


    In Arkansas, the vast majority of closing stores are the Express models. That whole concept is going away so some busy stores will close.
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    We have 2 stores south of me 1 in each town that came in and put the mom&pops stores out of business and now are closing the stores down leaving the 2 small communities without any grocery store what so ever so the people of the community has to drive 50 miles to the closest store to buy the goods. And the worker gets the chance to transfer to another store even thou they will have to drive 50 to 100 miles to get to work, IF there is a opening available for them.

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    Who the hell shops at wal-mart? And more importantly, WHY?
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    I do because it is convenient and I can save money on groceries and other items in the store and have no issues shopping there . I've got a Target store close by and won't even step inside that store , that place is a rip off !!!!
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    Looks like mole and tnt will have to get a job since their girlfriends are about to be without a job.
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    :eek: And they will lose their store discounts they got. :p