Wal Mart's new firearm policy

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    thats pretty messed up....sad thing is, this is probably just the beginning of this kind of crap

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    I just don't get that these anti-gun programs & lobbyists can't understand that legal gun owners are the only ones this will affect.
    All the criminals who are planning on using a firearm to commit a crime are buying their firearms out of the back of a van.
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    Why is this a bad thing? We have the right to buy guns elsewhere. I only buy ammo at Wal-Mart, so really this doesn't change anything for me personally. :wink:
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    my walmarts dont even sell guns anymore :(
    well unless you count Airsoft and BBguns
  6. There's already camera's all over the place in Walmart, especially around the firearms section. All the other steps are pretty much standard fare for buying a firearm.
    The thing I hate is that they are using this as "anti-crime, good for kids, yadda yadda yadda. It's feelgood tactics at its political best/worst.
    Look at it this way: The anti crowd has been shoving false info and lies down the throats of soccer moms everywhere. Soccer moms who have never seen a gun, held a gun, shot a gun, heck they don't even know anyone that has a gun! Therefore these sheeple have no clue what the process is in buying a gun. By outlining procedures that have been in place for years and showing it to these SM's, anti's get the "atta boy" from those not in the know.
    Smoke and mirrors my friends, smoke and mirrors.
    I found this rather funny:
    "Creating a record and alert system to record when a gun sold at Wal-Mart is later used in a crime. If the purchaser of that gun later tries to buy another gun at Wal-Mart, the system would alert the sales clerk of the prior buy and could refuse to make the sale."
    So are they going to issue a Walmart employee to maintain full visual contact with each weapon at all times??? Perhaps there's a mini video camera and satellite uplink so Walmart can monitor its usage.
    The verbage is also very suspicious: "WHEN a gun...is later used in a crime". Are they only catering to the criminal element? Wallyworld does not sell handguns, the only semi's they sell are the occasional Mini-14 and 10/22, not exactly gangbanger material.
    This stuff cracks me up.
  7. I'm with you... my Wal-Mart doesn't sell guns either; but... they do have ammo.

    My only thing with this is... why are they refusing to sell a firearm if their they suspect someone of straw purchases? I mean... they have no proof whatsoever, and they're definitely no law enforcement, so... why refuse to sell? I'm just throwing this out there, but wouldn't it be better to report suspected straw purchases so that the proper law enforcement folks could start an investigation? Just saying...

    And, why does anyone need to video tape these sales? Isn't the 4473 and the NICS check enough? Apparently not in their eyes... I wonder why?
  8. Ah Wal-Mart. A prime example of blind corporate mentality.
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    I just have two thing to say:

    1. WalMart may not be getting out of the firearms business as far as they are concerned - but as far as I am concerned they are out of it.

    2: Since when are private companies deputized and able to enforce laws and tract citizens for criminal activities?
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    Well. I wont be buying any guns from them. And as soon as I find a new ammo supplier I will stop buying that from them as well.

    If they are going to kiss Liberal A$$ then I will spend my money els ware.
  11. The very best way to get someones attention is to vote with your wallet. I agree this latest is nothing more than highlighting what they already do with the exception of keeping a record of guns they sold that were later used in a crime. On that note will Wally Mart also record all future liquor purchases and subsequently refuse to sell to someone that has gotten an OWI? Will they record ladies under garments and refuse to sell to suspected perverts? Will they record children's underwear and refuse to sell to pedophiles? Will they record all movie, game, and software purchases and refuse to sell to hackers and bootleggers?

    Yeah, we all know the answer to those "insane" questions. Joe Public doesn't care to think about those questions. They'd rather feel good that someone like Wally Mart is taking care of "the gun issue" for them.

    I'll continue to buy ammo from Wally when he's the cheapest (especially if they are giving it away! ;) ) but the second they ask for my name, rank, and serial number I'll tell them no thanks and toodle do! I've never found Wally to have very good pricing on guns anyhow and their internal store policy is BS. I tried to buy my son a Cricket before Christmas a couple years ago. Store policy says they will not sell a gun after 10PM, the time at which all gun crimes occur, and because it was 9:40 the manager felt it was too close to sell one. (Why have a deadline if they don't follow it?) When I pressed him he tried to tell me that the NICS only runs until 10pm. I told him he was full of horse pucky and asked him to show me. Well...Let's just say that Wally missed a sale. And from the sounds of it they will lose more. I bet Sam is tossing and turning in his grave.
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    Wow.... and everyone called me a "prissy libbie" for refusing to shop at Wal Mart due to their local economy crushing policies and union undercutting.

    Guess I'll have some more company at the local gun shop for their gun purchases and a few longer lines at Target :shock:
  13. Wal Mart is the largest gun retailer in the US.Thay don't sell Hipoint's I don't buy guns there.

  14. The thing here people is this... this is their "POLICY", and is NOT LAW!

    I can concealed carry in Wal-Mart as a matter of Public New Mexico Law, pass last October. Of course, everyone knows of Wal-Marts CCW... POLICY!

    As for buying guns from Wal-Mart.... Negative GhostRider, the pattern is full. All they have are second quality goods of name brands that really aren't worth what they are asking as far as price. Trust me, my wife worked for Wal-Mart for 3 years. They don't buy factory firsts, they buy the factory rejects, maybe a blemish on the wood or finish, and sell them for full MSRP.

    Buy ammo from them and leave it at that, since it's cheaper than anywhere else.
  15. Got that right! :lol:
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    You could have said this before I bought my Savage 110 a couple months ago!

    As for my future gun purchases..wally world is out.
  17. So wait a minute. Walmart is going to stop selling guns to folks who have used a gun in a crime? :idea: they should start doing that everywhere! maybe give it a fancy sounding name with a bunch of initials... something like NCIS.... :!: no wait, that'd never work :roll: ...

    All they are trying to do is ACT like they care. Walmart has been losing it's profits across the board for awhile now. This is nothing more than a publicity gimmick IMO, and a failed one at that. it occurs to me that teh term "W.A.L.- mart" is just an acronym, standing for "Whiney a$$ Liberal" mart ( didn't mean any offense NEO, as I really don't see you as being "whiney") what we need is a few "Ammu-Nation" stores to pop up, then I'd never need to shop at the W.A.L again.