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Like the title says. I stopped by my local dealer today. As soon as I walked in I was drawn to a piece she had on display. So I just politely saunter over and look and it is an AR-15 new. I fingered it and looked at it and fell in love. It had a Bi pod, front grip,a 5 rnd and a 30 rnd mag. Non collapsible stock (didn't care for that). It looked awesome had a nice scope from bushnell. Well then came the price. $859 :shock: I almost left skid marks in my drawers. It was a Century Arms C-15 (their model # for the AR). After looking it appeared it was a bastardized gun. She pointed out it had Colt upper, Century stamped lower, bushmaster trigger group. I couldn't believe the price and she tried to tell me that was cheap. I told her that was a cheap thrown together rifle and many many places sell better cheaper. For the price of that one I could order a used bushy. I can get a used bushy for $699 that is slick. That was the first one that came to mind. I can beat that price. She did offer to finance it for me. I had to laugh at her. Then saw a new C-9 she had in the case and laughed at it. $199 for a C-9! You gotts to be f^&*!ng be kidding!?! I will not be buying anything else there. She said that the C-9 was costing her $179. She claimed the 40 was costing her $199. :roll: I told her she needed to quit buying from Zander. So from now on unless I am buying a used weapon I will buy else where.
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