wally world ammo prices

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  1. rgabbert

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    Don't know about the rest of the world, but here in central AZ the price for WWB jumped $3.00. I could see that price on the shelf, no clerks around to query the price on Remington, but I imagine it's up accordingly.
  2. stremph

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    Yup, it's up everywhere. WWB is still better than most group buy prices out there I've seen though, so it's a good thing my guns like it.

  3. I think I'm done buying retail for any ammunition. I'm kicking around an informal 'ammo buying club' with friends and acquaintances. If I can't justify 500 or more rounds on my own to save money, I'll try to find others to split it with.
  4. Oneofsix

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    The last box of 100 WWB I bought at wallyworld was just over 21.00-checked it the other day, same store, 26 and some change!
  5. Huggy

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    I got duped a few weeks ago when I bought some WWB from Wally.
    The 100 ct boxes were still marked $15.72, but rang up $18.42, which I pointed out to the clerk. "I didn't get around to changing the tag, and ammo isn't returnable." Long story short, I got the price adjusted, went home and ordered 1000 rds of Wolf 9mm which came out to around $20 less than 800 rds of the WWB would have been at Wally, and that's including shipping.
    I understand brass vs steel casings, but I've got plenty of brass already.
  6. mattk

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    Here in NY the price is uo to 18 and change without tax. I think i will go with the wolf too. Any idia where the best place to order from is?
  7. Sig Man

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    The Wal-Mart by me carries Blazer brass (which in my opinion is better and cleaner than WWB) and I pay $8.00 per box of 50.
  8. Huggy

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    I got my Wolf from SG at $144.97 for 1000 rds, but I had coupons so my total came to $135.68. The 1000 rds are backordered, but you can get 2 500s for a few bucks more:?
  9. I was wiping out the shelves at my local Meijers $14.95/100 rds...knew I should of wiped out the one 15 miles away also...jumped to $23.95/100 rds!!!!

    Wallyworld down the road has it at $18.95/100 rds....
  10. Sig Man

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    What do they charge for the shipping?
  11. billc

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    Salem store sold out, had been for a while... Just bought 3 boxes of WWB at 18.42/box in Lebanon.
  12. I've got a group here (MN) who order from SG all the time and even though thay can just driver over and pick it up quite often they are happy to pay the shipping because SG has really fair shipping. Not sure on the exact cost because I'm waiting for everybody to run low so I can get in on the next order
  13. Uraijit

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    Went up around $4 here... I don't buy ammo anymore, so it didn't bother me too much...
  14. GlockMan

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    If one wishes to buy a few cases of Wolf 9mm then check the local gun shows and work the ammo dealers. I did just this at the Harrisburg show last week and walked away with eight 1000rd cases for $118.00 per case down from $148.99 a case. Now a year or so ago I would have laughed at a case price of $120.00 for Wolf 9mm but times are changing and the dealers are controlling the price. I will say this if we ever pull out of Iraq watch the price of Nato 9mm 124gr FMJ and .45acp from Federal and Winchester and the Wolf 7.62x39mm as they hold major military contracts and once the Iraq demand is gone all that surplus will hit the market hard and prices will drop Hugh. In the good days after D/S one could buy Nato 9mm for $3.25 per 50rds, the .45acp for $6.98 per 50rds and the Wolf for $84.99 per 1000rds. I think we could see these prices once again if we pull out of Iraq after the elections. Save that Government check we all will be getting until after the election and buy big when the prices drop because once the surplus is gone prices will return as manufacturers will cut production to price fix the market.
  15. Hmmm. I think Im paying something like.....$40 for 20 rnds of .460 Rowland.