WallyWorld Remington JHP Bulk Packs

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  1. Has anyone tried these. I bought some today, $25 for 100, can't go wrong with the price.

    The bullet weight is right as my 995 likes the lighter round.

    So, whats your experience, good or bad?
  2. They ran fine for me, but I prefer the FMJ. It's cheaper for plinking, and if you want to get SD ammo you should get ammo of a higher pedigree.

  3. I'm going for small game pedigree. Something I'm comfortable shooting at beaver and woodchuck.
  4. I have used the Rem 115gr JHP's in all my 9mm's in the past, along with the Rem 115gr FMJ's. The Rem's seem to be a bit hotter than WWB in all my guns, even the Rem .380acp seems a bit hotter. Also noticed the Rem ammo left more soot in the gun that Winchester or CCI, but no flakes or other debris that could cause reliability issues.
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    I bought 200 rnds of that WWB stuff, and shot a great majority of it in my JHP and 19ll. The only problems I had were mag related.
    I would choose that ammo for SD anyday.
  6. 100 rounds for $25.00? Sounds a bit expensive to me, even for Remington. Where do you live that ammo is that expensive?
  7. The WWB FMJ bulk packs are $15. The WWB JHP 50 rounds are $13 and the Remington JHP bulk packs are $25