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    Walmart is discontinuing selling home defense shotguns, and M4 platforms. What they have in stock is all they are going to have. And NO!They are not going to discount what they have in stock. I would have bought a Mossberg auto loader right then and there. :p
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    So where did you hear this? I saw this exact thing posted on another website that I frequent almost word for word. If this were true, there would have been a press release or something. It seems to have been dis-proven on the other website. Was this a chain email you received?

    See this thread.

    Original post
    "Last eve I spoke with the primary store manager at the local WMart super-center and was told that the company has decided to stop selling all "sporting rifles" and "home defense" shotguns. The focus going forward will be only hunting long guns (bolt rifles and turkey shotguns, etc.). Current inventory of ARs and applicable shotguns will simply be sold off until exhausted and not replenished. It is clearly a political decision, so if any preppers among us are looking at WMart for a purchase, now is the time to act. The manager was unsure as to whether existing inventory will be marked down, but when it's gone, it's gone."

  3. Eh, Lame. But not that big of a deal.
    They have never sold pistols, for what ever there reasoning. So what ever its always been the store "ill see if they have a good deal" or not. not a serious "im going to walmart to check out some guns" store.

    I have bought a shotgun from them before. but why constitutes a HD shotgun?

    since when can i not hunt with a black 18" mossy?

    Edit: i saw my terrible spelling.
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    The claim makes no sense, I am in the camp that thinks this is BS and just an internet rumor that seems to be catching on. This was posted on that other website a month ago 3-8-15.
  5. Without facts I agree. This same rumor has been going on for years.
  6. my claim is. IF it happens.... Oh well. its not a gun store.

    If it does not happen. even better

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    Not rumor. Fact. I was buying ammo last night and someone asked if he could see a catalog to order an AR. The clerk said, "we sell out what we have, no more. This includes the HD shotguns."

    Last year they did a 20% off for Black Friday/Saturday for all in stock long guns. Guess where I was going to shop this year? They do it this year and I will get a 10-22.
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    Could be a good thing and a bad thing if it's true. Good because people will go to their lgs and keep the local economy going, but bad because the other big box rip offs and Internet places like ctd will get more business too.

    Until they make an official press release though, it's just smoke for forumites everywhere to argue over.

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    Whatever you doubters believe? Don't pick up the phone and call your local gun selling Wally World.

    Too lazy to pick up the phone? :p
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    NY wally's have already stopped selling pistol gripped shotguns and AR platforms because of the restrictive laws. No point in me calling. :D

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    Buy what the clerk told me even the lowly H&R Pardner 18.5 without the PG won't be sold.
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    I would just be curious to hear what criteria they apply to determine what's "tactical." Maybe if it has tactical in the description? Barrel length? Pistol grips?

    We should foil hat the HELL out of this just so it can fade away eventually. lol
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    No offense but I wouldn't just take some mouth breathing clerk's word for it. I've had WM employees tell me that .38SP and .380 could be used interchangeably before.

    It could also be that they're not going to be selling them at your specific location anymore.

    Either way it doesn't matter much to me anyways. I've bought only one gun there in my entire life.
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    The clerk? And the clerk has corporate level information? Maybe it is just THAT store. There are many Walmarts that do or do not carry guns and the reasons are many on why or why not. One clerk saying it does not make it a fact. :rofl:
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    From the link I posted earlier. Again, this is an internet rumor probably originating from this article below.

    "According to this article last month:

    Wal-Mart is under pressure to stop sales of assault weapons from one of its shareholders. They are resisting, but a Federal Judge has taken interest and is supporting the proposition on the shareholders ballot. Comes up for a shareholder vote in June. Could be the OP's store manager reads WSJ and was speaking prophetically."

    "This store manager is wrong. I am family to someone in a high level leadership position with the company and can confirm this is in fact false. Stores are determined to sell guns (or not) an their assortment on a store by store basis. This is based on a lot of information. Demographics, sales projections, history of ATF compliance, and so on. The company itself has not stop selling ARs, shottys, etc. Could this specific store discontinued sales on them? Sure, but it's not a company wide discussion. As a matter of fact there is several new stores opening this year that will carry ARs and shottys. Hope this helps!"
  16. I apologize, when i first read this. i thought you were saying MY claim or my opinion made no sense. Upon second reading i see you were still referring to the original claim.

    My original post to you may sound Un-nessicarily snarky.

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    It's funny how some people can sit on this site all day long and type whatever comes to mind yet can't pick up a phone. Panoz I have never been to the site that you linked. I did however post it here

    I guess tomorrow I will call Walmart in Arkansas since none of you doubters can pry yourself out of the chair to do so. I have to pack my lunch and go to work.

    Someone surprise me and make the call

    TNTRAILERTRASH Supporting Member

    BTW I will have multiple NNP STHU awards printed up for all that qualify :D

    Drive fast and take chances!
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    I am not claiming you posted at the link that I provided. What I am saying is that someone had the exact story you have, but it was a "store manager" and not a clerk. Another poster then said he had a very close relative at the corporate level at Walmart and when he asked the relative, the answer was no, they are not going to stop selling ARs and the like.

    In addition, I posted the article that probably started the rumors or misunderstandings by the store level employees. I don't have to call Walmart to make a determination that this is just a rumor.

    Do you not think this would be a MAJOR news story? The link I posted on the EXACT same subject is over a month old.

    If you choose to believe a clerk, then good for you.
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    If I gave a $hit, I would. Never bought a gun at Wallyland and don't ever plan to. Besides, out of the 4 within driving distance only 2 sell guns and 3 sell ammo.