Walther ppks 380. any comments? +/-

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  1. Was looking at the ppks for a pocket or bug once I get my carry permit. Anyone have any experience with this pistol?
  2. Silicon Wolverine

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    the older walther mfg models are top notch. Some of the newer S&W mfg guns have issues. Ive shot an original walther and it was AWESOME! The newer guns i only have second hand info on, but it seems about 40% of owners have issues.


  3. gunnut

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    IMO the Bersa Thunder 380 is just as good a gun, cheaper too. The PPKs are nice but see if you can find any big difference in them.
  4. Strangerous

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    +1, Also the BERSA/Firestorm .380 (rounded trigger guard w/ rubber wrap-around grips) Scored higher than the Walther and CF380 in a pistol review not too long ago. ;)
  5. great gun, overpriced-- but good track record...

    I would personally go for an Accu-Tek or a Bresa for my money, bu the PPK IS a classic...

    just MHO>...
  6. 45Man

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    I've fired them (the original one made in Germany), just about the nicest .380 ever made; very smooth trigger pull. But I was never a big fan of the .380, unless it's a "micro pistol".