Wanna know a cool cartridge? 7.62 x 25 mm!

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    FMJ 85 grain ammo reaches 1700 fps! The CZ-52 has a three-position safety allowing cocked-and-locket carry. CZ-52's are also well priced starting at $270 on Gunbroker. A terrific carry gun. Does anyone have a 7.62 x 25 mm pistol? It's a new "must have" gun !
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    I'd get the Zastava in that caliber before the CZ-52. If I recall correctly the CZ52 is prone to more issues.

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    I have a Norinco built Tokarev TT-33 clone. Just wish that hollow point ammo was more available.
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    Lots of TOK-Love here, owners and wanna-be's...
    (I'm the latter :blush:)

    Some have likened the 357Sig to the TOK, but it falls short.
    Most automatic handgun mfg's and ammo makers just shoot
    for that "populated middle" where all the 9, 40 and 45 rounds
    live. :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: Who needs more "vanilla"?
    Plenty of those type rounds available already, why make MORE?
    Even the low-powered 10mm is in the same range, but that is
    not where the round shines :D TOK FTW!

    Think Outside the BOX! (or BUNz) :D

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    I've seen one or two in my garage

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    NE Utah
    It may be YOUR new "must have", but many of us have known about it for years, decades even.;)

    Here's why most don't carry it:

    We don't usually need SD against armored Bad Guys.

    Over penetration can be a bad thing in many instances.

    They are almost all decades old all-steel heavy guns, with low capacity.

    Many are single action pistols but don't have an actual modern type safety, those that do have relatively crappy add-on safeties, making carrying cocked and locked problematic.

    There are other things, but those should be enough.

    But...they are cool.


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    CZ52 a Czechoslovakia designed pistol with a delayed rollerlocked short recoil system that shoots the 7.62x25 Fedor Tokarev rd. It is a good shooter but the grip is very deep and is not well suited for small hands.
    Nevertheless I like it! It is unique pistol. The recoil is mild at least for me and is quite accurate.

    But it is not a Fedor Tokarev Russian designed pistol. Those were built by Poland TT, Romania TTC, China Type 54, Yugoslavia M-57, North Korea Type 68 and of course Russia known as the TT-33.

    The Tokarev is a slender all steel pistol that carries very well. The design is simple and elegant and as with most Soviet design pistols is rugged reliable pistol launching a hot pistol 30 Caliber rd from bottled necked cartridge. Cool!

    And don't forget the Polish radical looking stamped PPS43C 7lb pistol 10in barrel and welded folding stock. I love shooting that rascal. 35rd mags. Yep Daddy likes.:D
  8. Love the Tokarev round. Better at distance than the .45 ACP, although the 45 is better within the ranges at which most handguns get used. Seems a better carbine and SMG round, but I do love the report and the muzzle fireworks out of a pistol. The only Tokarev I have is a Romanian Cugir TTC. It has a chrome-lined Chinese barrel in it and Chinese wraparound grips for range use.
  9. FlashBang

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    The 7.62x25 Tok is a great little round. I load my own FMJ and HP rounds. The surplus ammo used to be dirt cheap and plentiful, but not anymore.

  10. bscar

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    Polish and Romanian

  11. lklawson

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    CZ52? One of my favorite winter CC guns.


    Peace favor your sword,
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  13. greg_r

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    Used to own a Chinese tok. Made ammo for it from 223 brass and the Lee 93 grain cast. The Tok us a loose copy of the 1911.
  14. lklawson

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    Park gray duracoat, professionally done.

    Grips are an exotic wood called bocote (I'd never head of it before) make by Dixie Grips.

    Peace favor your sword (mobile)
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  16. Whatever..( I just like the photo..) Lol
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    Bocote smells like pickles when you work with is I use is for making duck calls
  18. MaryB

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    I have debated building an AR pistol in this caliber...
  19. ajole

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    NE Utah
    When surplus ammo was $88/1080 rounds in a can, they made sense.

    Now...I saw a can for $500+ the other day.:rolleyes:
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    I still have an unopened can from back when. I see alot of positives from this round even if I end up having to reload it. 1350 fps, nice long neck unlike the 357sig. Its all about the penetration. Maybe I'll get a 5.7 someday if they make a smaller one.