Want some thoughts - will have to replace M4 soon!!!

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  1. In the past I have started numerous topics about what rifle to get over this or what to build over what. Hopefully by this time next week I will be down to 2-3 firearms. Bad news when you have to sell from 7 but we have all been there. I even had to sell my beloved M4 carbine. It was all worth it though. (Recently married and needed the cash.)

    So as soon as I pay off my debt I will need a utility rifle to fit the Carbine niche and yes the wife approves. I need something that is lefty friendly as me and the wife are lefty's. I am looking for ideas in this case. My current thoughts and options in order of preference are...

    [list type=decimal]
    [li]Mini Thirty[/li]
    [li] SKS[/li]
    [li] M1 Carbine[/li]
    [li] AK47 (or AK74 as ammo is cheaper)[/li]


    • [li] Budget Max $700[/li]
      [li] Reliability > Accuracy - Can it hit a zombie or Deer with accuracy?[/li]
      [li] Option for magazines greater then 10. [/li]
      [li] Lefty Friendly not lefty ejecting[/li]

    Optional or Nice Thoughts:

    • [li] Optional Optics mounts. Perfectly fine with irons for as long as possible.[/li]
      [li] Suggestions in .223 or 5.45 also accepted.[/li]
      [li] Be cool if I could purchase 2! (Reasons why I am considering AK/SKS.) [/li]
      [li] Want to hear about Century's Sporter Models as they are within price range. Are they worth it for a self defense rifle? [/li]

    Saiga is not an option not enough tools and too much manual work to get what I want out of it. If I knew how I would setup a poll. Finally as far as ammo I prefer 7.62x39 and then .30 Carbine. I am interested in the .223 and 5.45 commie caliber if the price is right. Otherwise let's try and stick to suggestions in 7.62x39 & .30 Carbine.
  2. 47_MasoN_47

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    If you shoot from your left shoulder the AK variants are probably not going to work real well for you. I know mine throws the shells rearward so you might get hit in the face with brass.

  3. Ok - do you have idea on how the other rifles I mentioned handle ejection of brass?
  4. i shoot lefty and have never had any trouble from my yugo sks ejecting brass,
  5. Have any experiences with the 20 or 30 round magazines?
  6. Corelogik

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    Personally, I love my SKS. Only used the 20rd Tapco mags in mine. They worked just fine for me.
  7. 47_MasoN_47

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    Well it's hard for me to recommend anything else lol, I like the AK...a lot... Do you know anyone that's got one? Maybe you could try theirs out and see how it does. If it does fling brass out like that you might could get a deflector or brass catcher for it even.
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    My choice would be AK. Mason does have a good point though with how the AK ejects Brass. You should try it out first. Other would be SKS. The M1 carbine is a blast to shoot and very accurate but ammo is pretty pricey!
  9. I have shot an AK before. Fortunately I am left eye dominant but my right is my strength hand. (Even though I write with my left.) So I can shoot an AK. The wife however, I want to give her the option of not getting hot brass in the face. That I recall from my experience it was "Ok". But from what you two say it also makes for close calls.

    Any thoughts on Mini-Thirty, M1 Carbine or SKS?
    I know quality will dictate accuracy. But I have heard that they are utter crap all around. Is this true?
  10. 47_MasoN_47

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    Yeah if I had to pick something other than the AK the SKS would be my recommendation. The clips for it are turbocheap too. I bought about 20 to use in loading AK mags, seems like they cost about 10 bucks shipped.
  11. Of the ones you listed the M1 is becoming quite pricey (as is good ammo for it) and the Mini Thirty is also pricey. AK's and SKS's are readily available. Classicarms has some excellent grade 7.62x39 yugo SKS's for $329. Hard to beat.
  12. I noticed. Reason why I listed them on there to begin with. The mini thirty is essentially what I would HOPE an SKS would be. But since I am unfamiliar with both firearms having only handled and never fired a mini-14 I am curious about the SKS accuracy and reliability with 20 round mags. I am also attracted to the light weight of the M1 carbine. I could buy a police issue mini 14 from buds. But all I hear is woe unto you accuracy issues with the mini-14 while the thirty gets a "so-so" rating. Then again I don't know of very many match 7.62x39 semi-auto's.

    So I repeat the question as I was on a rant. The SKS price is whats always attracted me. But I need to know how the controls handle with the left hand and how the brass ejects. For the price of a Mini-thirty I could have two SKS a couple mags and some extra rounds.I just need to be convinced on reliability and then accuracy. So..is it as good as a mini-thirty?
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    Maybe some, not mine. Mine was bought new/unissued Yugo. Mine has been flawless except for some crap ammo. Mine hits what I aim at as long as I can see it.
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    Similar to an Ak if my memory serves me right. The tapco mags are actually pretty good, especially in the tapco stock. There is an adapter made by a guy on the SKS boards that makes them duckbill less and makes mag changes alot easier. I'd go with a Chinese, Russian, Albanian or Romanian over a Yugo. I had a yugo and it's the heaviest of the bunch and having the grenade launcher on their makes it front heavy. A paratrooper would be the best best there. Still though I sold my SKS to get an AK for a reason.
  15. I guess I will research it some-more. Still have time thank goodness before I make a choice. But right now maybe the SKS is the way to go? I'll check some other places for prices on M1's an such.
  16. Just a thought, but have you considered a lever gun? ALWAYS a good choice. Dependable and accurate. If it were me I would have that and a shotgun before any semiautomatic surplus long gun. Just my 2cents.
  17. A great point. I have considered such. Something in 30-30. But the ballistics just aren't that great. Purposeful rifle? Yes. Good for the long haul? Yes. Does it fit the roll of what I want in a rifle? No. I already have Mosin 91/30 that does the job that a lever action. As far as a shotgun goes, well my it isn't a matter of "effort" but more of my back disagrees with that now.
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    I have a couple videos up on youtube somewhere of me firing my SKS, mine ejects forward and right,...
  19. Dane

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    If you held on to the M4 you could have gotten all sorts of different uppers, From 5.7 to the Socom round. Picking up another lower might be an option for you too.??
  20. Yesh...I am well versed in modular ability of the M4 and might still find my way into getting one. But bills need to be paid and replacing it will be a tougher challenge. So might as well take the opportunity to try other firearms out. Besides between my 995 and Mosin I am going to be fine I think. I am trying to get this rifle to turn it into an urban combat firearm. Hence why I think the Mini Thirty, SKS, and M1 carbine would be the best affordable option.