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  1. I would love to start reloading for my 995. What is the least expensive way to get started? Any help is appreciated.

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    Check you local classified ads. You can get a good used set-up with everything for a couple of hundred bucks. That is how I got started. Many people who buy reloading gear never use it much and these lose interest because they do not have the time. For me reloading is my relaxing time. I really enjoy it. I find the killer deals all the time. I buy the lots just for the bullets, primers and powder. If there is something that is better than what I have already I keep it and sell the rest on Ebay. You are not going to wear out a press. RCBS and Dillon have lifetime warranty on their presses. It is better also because if you do lose interest you did not put alot of money out of your pocket.

  3. adam11082,

    I got back into reloading after about 15+ years of buying ammo. The press set I got was the Lee Deluxe Turret Press Kit, cost under $100 when order online. Then I bought dies for the calibers I wanted to reload and a few other little things, think I spent less than $225 including powder, primer and bullets to get me going.

    I do not recommend progressive presses for people just starting out, too many things can go wrong when one pull of the lever produces a complete round. Turret presses can be operated in single stage mode for load development, learning, and in auto indexing mode for semi fast production batches.

  4. Check out our own classifides at the bottom of the forum. I saw Jarhead had some stuff for sale on ebay and stated he may have extra of some items available for members here.
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    Single stage presses from jarhead... I understand wanting to crawl before you walk, but a single stage press is a waste IMO, but if you later get a turret press, you can use the single stage to de-prime the brass... i guess.
  6. You can also use a single stage press for a factory crimp die or some other specialty die that you don't have room for on your 3/4 hole turret press.
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    If you don't have room on your 4 holer, you have a problem... :)
  8. I'd have to say that the simplest way to get set up for reloading is with the Lee Anniversary Kit from MidwayUSA. This kit includes everything but the dies for basic reloading.


    These are the same dies that I use, and they're awesome. The Factory Crimp Die ensures that every round will chamber without difficulty.


    If you absolutely cannot afford to buy even this budget line of reloading tools, then this tool is for you. Everything you need to reload is in a package you can almost fit into your pocket. Of course, you'd need a good plastic-tipped mallet to use it. I have one of these Lee Loaders in 38 special and it absolutely loads more accurate ammo than my turret press. It also includes the instructions and load data to use with the included easy-to-use powder scoop.


    But the most important part of any reloading bench is a good reloading manual. Nobody can safely reload without one. The Lee manual is one of the best, and the cheapest. It has pretty much any load data you would possibly use, as well as some very good bullet casting information. I do NOT recommend reloading without thoroughly reading through at least one data manual.


    For beginners or advanced reloaders, Lee IS good enough.

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    get new gear as you have it all and to don't have guess if something is missing. You are going to have your hands full just learning.

    Lee 50th Anniversary Kit is a great way to start....
  10. +1 to wizards advice... I use my anniversery kit to load 9mm,.45 ACP, .223, and .380. Although it's not the fastest press out there it does the job well, and more importantly forces you to pay very close attention to what you are doing. That is a very important thing while reloading, because explosions hurt :evil: Also I hate the scale that comes with the Anniversery kit even though it's accurate I don't like it. This is what I use.... Jus my .02 cents :)