wanted: 995 clips /compnsatrs/ rails/ lasers/ scopes/ sights

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    -clips ( factory and/or promag)

    - mounting rails for scopes & accesories

    -compensators/ flash suppresors ( factory and/or other)

    -scopes , laser sights, red dot scopes

    -iron sights ( factory and/or other )

    if you take the time to read all of this , and are somewhat interested in finding out a little more about what im up to with all the extra clips, compensators , and iron sights...

    my email is daytonafreakboy@hotmail.com

    i like to talk about inventing weirdness almost as much as i like actually inventing weirdness!

    plus, im sure some of you may have already done some of the stuff im just now thinking about trying to do..

    or maybe you have some of your own ideas ?

    regardless.. drop me a line sometime

    and thanks for checking out my post ! Allen




    interested in factory 10 round clips and/or promag 15 round clips

    i know, i know... never heard of someone having TOO MANY clips !

    maybe you bought 100 factory mags for your riffle and realized you only needed 99 of them?


    or.. your unhappy with the performance of your promag?

    last night i found out that my riffle only comes with two magazines

    ( dang! )

    and i happen to have some simple modifications in mind, and may need some spare clips ( read: WILL deffinately need some spare clips ) to tweek my design ideas until im satisfied with the results..



    factory compensator/flash suppressor - will need atleast two of these.

    or... maybe something different that will work on these 9mm carbines?

    and like with the magazines, i have some design ideas that might be worth messing around with and tweeking a little... has anyone on here other than bushman toyed with their own designs? maybe fitted a comp made for an entirely different weapon and been pleased with the results?



    ( whatever you have that you dont use)

    basically im just asking around to see what kind of stuff some of you guys might have laying around that you werent thrilled with - or ended up just going a different route

    so this thing sits in the bottom of your closet or in a duffle bag.. collecting dust, growing old, all alone and without hope..

    just think.. that laser you paid 20 bucks for , that scope you gave 15 bucks for - ill take them off your hands and you can use the money to go buy a couple hundred rounds of 9mm ammo down at walmart !


    seriously though ..

    im willing to spend a little cash to pick up whatever stuff somebody here figures they prolly wont ever use, pretty much just to try out different set ups on my carbine without spending a bunch of cash or having to deal with ebay



    need these just for setting up my gun. no mad scientist projects with these.. could use a few of them though, my friend also has a hi point carbine - so id like to be a bad influence and get him in trouble with his wife for spending money on scopes and lasers too! :twisted:



    factory and/or other?

    not particularly thrilled with the hi point factory sights.. time to break out the welder, grinder, and rat tail file!

    going to mod the factory sights and mess around with replacement sights until i have tested out maybe a half dozen or so variations. be interesting to find out what kind of set up i do the best with..

    also, im going to mount a scope on see-through rings.. would like to set up some iron sights that gets me all excited about shooting with them

    modding a set of iron sights (or even making your own set of sights) might not sound like a big deal to some people.. or atleast something that wouldnt be too involved or complicated..

    but i have a sinking feeling that i am going to spend some real time and money on this particular mod - just to come up with something that i enjoy shooting with, and then producing that one final effort that im really proud of having designed and fabricated myself.. sometimes its the simple stuff that will drive you nuts , the devil is always in the small details..


    well , there it is..

    can get in touch with me at DaytonaFreakBoy@hotmail.com

    thanks for checking out my post !

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    For everyone who just skimmed this post, He wants 995 mags, 2 compensators/flash supperssors, scopes/lasers/flashlights/red dot, Picatinny rails, and factory optics (Irons)

  3. and a tall blonde driving a dodge viper with a big bag of money sitting on her lap 8)

    ahh , was late when i made this post.. more than a little bit groggy..

    thanks for the summary!

  4. Dood! Krank back on the Dew!

    That said, it sounds like you're working on an awesome project. And I have a laser. Let me dig it out and PM me.

    And, as this comes together, post pix before Gunny get's ya!
  5. hahaha...

    :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: