Wanted, a 45 doublestack

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  1. I am kicking the idea of getting another 45. I currently have my 1911 clone and I love it, its always been a reliable accurate firearm.

    Now what I would like is a doublestack, single/double action trigger, decocker, and a smallish frame, and preferably a metal frame and exposed hammer.

    Is there anything like that that doesn't cost an arm and a leg? I know that the Sig would fit my bill perfectly but they aren't cheap. I'm hoping to get something in the 400-500 dollar range (a little above is okay).

    I like the XD45 of course except that it doesn't have the single/double or metal frame.

    Any suggestions?
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    Dang, that really narrows that down. Your need for a decocker leads to the SIG, but those are out of your price range. Have you thought of buying one used?

    Otherwise, RIA has double stack frames for the 1911...but I am not up to date on those.
    ParaOrdnance is kinda the defacto double stack 1911 emigre...but no de cocker on it.

    I am no Mr Moogle (no offense Mr M!!!!), but thats what I know offhand.

  3. Its not that I NEED the decocker, I just happen to really like them.

    I love my kids Taurus 92 which has all that but its only 9mm and its a large frame.

    I'm looking for something similar to that but in 45 and with a smaller frame if possible.

    I really like the Ruger KP90 but its single stack only. But other than that, it meets all my criteria.