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  1. blkhwkfxr

    blkhwkfxr Guest


    So how many of you are going to shoot off a few rounds tonight at midnight ? Show of hands ?
  2. Jarhead1775

    Jarhead1775 Guest

    Wish I could but I live in a real Liberal State.

  3. Be responsible and don't do it. Even if you fire into the ground or use blanks, it gives the gunhaters ammunition to use against us.

  4. urotu

    urotu Member

    Happy New Years to all of you too, and remember, what goes up, must come down. Be aware of what's beyond your target.
  5. Happy New Year, watchout for falling bullets
  6. Happy New year!!!! I dont think I will be doing any shooting in the bar I am going to lol..
  7. SamW

    SamW Member

    Happy New Year everyone. Keep our troops in your thoughts and prayers.
  8. Wish I could, but I'm too old to stay up until midnight :D
  9. stremph

    stremph Guest

    Or maybe just one that has a basic grasp on physics.
  10. rodka

    rodka Member

    no other way to bring in a new year than to accidently kill a neighbor. :lol:
  11. blkhwkfxr

    blkhwkfxr Guest

    Didn't know I was hanging out with a bunch of city folk ! LOL.. I love livin' in my neck of the woods =P
  12. blkhwkfxr

    blkhwkfxr Guest

    Guess that all depends on what kinda neighborhood the bar is in :shock:
  13. happy new year guys. I for one was highly inebriated.